BALG Meditation Log In

Log 33

Did a special 1 hour meditation on Lilith’s sigil. Felt realxed, mind was at a trance state fairly quick. Her enn in the backround. Body started having minor vibrations. I really was starting to feel myself deeply relaxed. Had one of my jasmine candles around which promotes relaxation. Did another 20 minutes gazing at her sigil feeling energy around my body. Very nice experience like I first remembered. Starting working with Lilith back in May 2020 so I wanted to dedicate this one for her :crystal_ball:


Log 121
05.05. - 10.05. 2021.

10 min mantra To create luck in gambling.
10 min mantra for Divine Wisdom.


Log 34

1-2 hour meditation for trance practices. Pretty simple but yet affective. Paused after an 1 hour mark to continue another hour without audio, mind was back in trance after couple minutes. Ended in such relaxation as I checked the time that it was already about 6pm having started somewhere around 4:15pm. A grate practice for the day.


Log 122
11.05. - 15.05. 2021.

10 min mantra To create luck in gambling.
10 min mantra for Divine Wisdom.


Log 123
16.05 - 21.05.2021.

10 min mantra To create luck in gambling.
10 min mantra for Divine Wisdom.


Log 35

Going to try to get back to these logs as of recent. Haven’t meditated since log 34 of May and could feel the decrease of my trance abilities compared to last month while doing Lilith related meditations that put me deeply into a trance even going as far into fallling inside my own space but woke up to such a phenomenal mental state of awareness that my senses were pretty high at the time of the works. Almost feeling the possibility of astral traveling for those nights as I recall some very odd dreams occured during those periods. For today did about an hour of trance methods continuing logs 34 video. Did the rest of a separate meditations without audio for another hour, again didn’t reach my full capacity of a trance state unlike before but doing so today got me back up at least recharged up ready for the next one.

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Log 36

Quick check in. Did a 30 min of Clairaudience guided meditation to further practice these abilities. A good one for the day.

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Log 37


Did 2 hours of a Pineal Gland meditation which was recorded last night. Had a quick chance to settle in my ground areas, ready up my surroundings, activate my vibrations, shut down mind/eyes breathing exercises before the Initial start up. Right away starting the audio my middle eye took me on a trip to remember :eye: Some powerful stuff the more trance my eye took me in. If it wasn’t for my used alarm to wake me up I don’t think I would have awaken as easy and possibly lead me up to having an OBE in the middle of the room as I simply felt like a feather. What a killer experience.

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Log 1
Walking meditation:

Went to the woods to acquire an item for a later working.

While there I decided to take a leisurely stroll to unwind and ground myself.

I wasn’t there for long before I started to feel grounded. I was enjoying all the flora around me and trying to soak it all in.

At some point I realized I was walking pretty slowly and just very calm "(Ah, I’m on forest time…)

After I got a good distance, I picked up a stick and decided it was time to walk back.

I willed myself to take the same pace I’d been taking instead of the usual rush when I decide to leave.

I tried to keep a clear mind and take everything in as I walked.

While I was able to find my inner stillness, I kept getting caught up in repetitive thought patterns. It’s been awhile since I tried to maintain a meditative state while doing something.

I’d say I probably spent 30-40 mins trying to walk meditatively.

When I got back to my vehicle I felt that I was supposed to break the stick I was holding onto and place it somewhere respectively before leaving.

Not sure what that was about but I followed my intuition and did it. Almost seemed like a charm to leave anything that may come with me, or to dispell whatever I brought but left behind. 🤷🤔

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Log 2
Seated meditation (zen)

Cruised around, went a city over.

Had the whole park to myself.

Sat down for meditation in the shade next to the pillar of a pavilion.

Sat for 20-30 mins.

Body was receptive and slipped easily into a meditative disposition.

Noticed my breathing was a bit shallow and a bit of tension in my chest (stress?).

Shoulder still a bit soar from a fall I had recently.

While i could find the inner stillness I seemed to keep lapsing into my thoughts, rather than just observing them.

Tried to mentally recite a mantra which seemed to help (Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya)

I’d say it was an ok meditation session overall.

Touched the ground and other objects trying to really experience and feel the sensations.

Got up and went back home.


Update to BALG log in journals.

Log 38

Have been doing numerous pineal gland meditations that were not recorded on the time being of these journals as I considered those a bit personal to share here. Needless to say certain things have came along after getting in tuned with these things as dreams (or certain dreams that I fully remember are becoming more and more vivid and lucid and even had a OBE recently. Don’t get many of those and are rare to me but it was quite the experience. Had the chance to record one today based on this.

About an hour in my eye was on edge but in such a relaxing way almost like if someone was massaging the middle of my forehead. Seems I was too out of it to fully notice as the trance already had settled in. An overall soothing experience. Only helps even more after getting back in tune with my senses.

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I appreciate the bumps Arachnos as it seems like most original posters have left the thread so its easy for me to miss the topic and forget to post any documented meditations from the journals onto here.


15 Sep 21 Logged Day 1ish

10 minutes breathing work
was able to form a rhythm and mute outside a bit

5 minutes candle
was able to blur a bit but kept becoming distracted

5 minutes energy circulating
I am able to easily feel tingling and build up energy in my root, 3rd eye, and crown, but have trouble discerning it in sacral, solar, heart, or throat areas.

5 minutes counting and visualizing numbers
couldn’t make it past 2, kept getting distracted

10 minutes listening to enn music/chanting
fell into the “hole” for a brief second, but quickly left state and couldn’t repeat

Will increase times as i become more accustomed/successful

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17 Sep 21 Day 2

5 minutes candle work
stared with the flame just below eye level and felt myself drifting out while staring above it. the flame flicked a bit at the start but began to burn and slightly sway to the left in rhythm every few seconds

10 minutes breathing work
also practiced circulating energy at same time. pulling energy up from the root while inhaling and down from the crown on exhaling

30ish minutes lost?
I went in search of Lilith in silence. I didn’t see anything, but at one point i felt myself become extremely aroused. I zoned out from that, and the silence remained. I waited for a while and decided to open my eyes, but I had to put effort into opening them as if they wanted to remain closed. I opened them and heard it was raining outside. Meant to only do 10 minutes but a little over half an hour passed

18 SEP 21 Day 3

15 min candle work
allowed the lines to blur and just stared until my mind was blank. thought I saw an eye looking back at me above the flame. when i focused on it, it disappeared and i was out of silent state

15 minutes breathing work
nothing of note but led to

20 minutes ish blank
I called to Lilith in my mind and sung her enn 3 times and asked if we could meet and speak. heard and saw nothing. started sweating a little and got a small headache

30 min laying down
tried wim hof, but noticed i was focusing more on my breathing than reaching a state. Stopped and started energy cycling. felt tingling around my head and forehead and then felt a warm pressure on my right side chest almost like a hand. Asked if anyone was there but received no answer i could discern. after a few moments it left and i was wide awake again

19 Sep 21 Day 4

? minutes candle
started with breathing and focusing. eyes eventually closed while watching

eyes closed
all was in darkness and i tried to peer through it as everything became quieter. stayed like this for what seemed forever and eventually asked myself if I am doing this correctly. I then felt a sensation on my right neck and left check, tingling but slightly different. I tried to pull it in as energy towards my third eye and for a brief second felt it travel up my head and down my body. Then it was gone and the sounds of night returned. overall a little over 40 minutes total today

20 SEP 21 Day 4

5 minutes breathing

15 minutes candle
as I stared into the flame i thought i saw a symbol and writing appear briefly, but it quickly changed

40 minutes eyes closed
at one part i thought i heard a woman singing, but it only repeated a few times. all else was silence and darkness

21 SEP21 Day 6

Decided i’ve been rushing things a bit and changed approach
10 minutes candle flame meditation
was able to see a bright red teardrop with my eyes covered and able to center it, though it didn’t move to much away from center. As i continued, it grew dimmer, but gained a purplish outer shell to it until it was just a purple spot/hole.

25 minutes deep trance practice
took breaths then imagined climbing down ladder. I did this for a long while, but for some reason when i try to let go/jump off the ladder, i can’t get the falling sensation. i know what it’s supposed to be because i’ve down it in sleep many times, but i couldn’t get myself to do it. I did think i heard muffled voices below me, but i couldn’t make them out and couldn’t get closer. My head did start tingling from front to back when i heard it though.