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I just wanted to make a thread for all the single witches and sorcerers to converse and get to know one and other in that context. This thread is done in honor and in spirit of Erzulie Freda, Pombagira, Lilith, and Freya. The world needs more love…maaaan :v:




Awesome idea brother… You can never go wrong with those magical ladies by any stretch…

Northern Nevada here … 48 divorced one child grown… Odinist/Norse pagan… want to know more PM :slight_smile:
Shaved the beard though lol… maybe just for now. I am a romantic, believe in romance, lust, love and passion… When it comes to relationships you are my queen, and I will stimulate your mind as well as your soul. I love wolves and 80’s metal lol…
German by ancestry as well as Dane and Scandinavian …
Seeking shield maiden type, a lady that can take care of herself, but can put on makeup and nails to be taken out for an evening of affection… I am very affectionate.

And I am not like any other guy… I know guys say that but I deliver.
I am armor plated but have a big soft heart. I am tattoo’d burly, bald , I train with weights, but will never be a 9% hairless twink…
I love curvy ladies, long hair, tattoo’s are awesome,… I do not smoke , no drugs and barely drink but socially.
and was married a long time so am physically clean…

Had a health hiccup last year but making my way back, recovered fully no perm damage.
Age is a number but bear in mind I can no longer have children… Fixed and was part of Uncle sam’s Anthrax vaccine fiasco in the early 90’s … Lucky me…

You can find me on Facebook Teufelhund OR


Good idea, mine is here :purple_heart: :blush: :bow_and_arrow: I’m alone for now, need fresh air. I can PM ladies :metal:


I’m a single bitch… I mean witch.


How nice. I’m from Holland, my relationship ended a month ago. Guy 39 years young :wink:


Why didn’t I think of that?
Anyways, good you made this. This will be quite useful for people looking for a smack.

I mean… love interest.


To clarify: 17 about to turn 18. Doesn’t date outside of Arizona. Likes to date around age range.


Nice idea brother cheers~

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Thanks, FraterMagni, for creating this thread. I’m hailing in from northern California. I’m 46, never been in a serious relationship or have been married. After years of struggling with being single, I’m starting to fully accept it.

I can’t say I’m a this kind of practioner or that kind of practioner. I’m definitely eclectic. But I have had experiences in ceremonial magick, New Orleans vodou, Vedic practices (chanting mantras and meditations), and just being able to connect with spirits, gods, etc.

I can have a rough exterior when the wrong guy approaches me. But I too am a softy. You just have to get through some of the crunch to get there. LOL!

That’s all I have for now. Again, thanks for hooking up the thread. Can’t wait to see how the thread develops.


Nebraska, male,

Charlotte NC. 47 professional SWM Dom.

Plenty of locals to have vanilla fun with and scare the shit out of, but I always want darker.

Two locals came close and the found YHWY. A waste of good flesh.

Yeah I am in a competition with Prince (RIP) and Rick James (RIP) as to how many ex lovers run back to church from being what they thought was kinky.

I have a sex appetite that makes holy water boil. I have no moral limits.

Looking for BDSM slaves in complete religious and sexual darkness.

You have to want the darkness like a vampire wants blood.


Sooo the sexitnig tread is baxk? Right on! :slight_smile: just kidding :slight_smile:

Think it may be a sausage fest lol…


Well shit :slight_smile:

_ i don’t even know how to write the sound i just made… Someone remind me why I moved to PA instead of South Carolina??? @$%@&!!!

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This was a good idea!

I’m 23, gay and from Australia. I have a spirit lover but not a human one :stuck_out_tongue: Girl or guy PM me if you want my Facebook cause I don’t have many occult friends to talk to about this stuff.

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Hey, All,

i just want to post a quick warning to any woman who may open herself up in this thread. There is someone sexually attacking women on the forum via magick.

I only know of this because I myself received some fallout due to my acquaintance with some of those thus attacked. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t a direct assault and my protection detail handled it, but there was still a minimal effect on my relationship. The effect on my acquaintances was far worse.

This is the first time I have been directly affected by this kind of shit, and I am not the kind to keep quiet about it. This forum is supposed to be a safe place for magicians of all types, experienced and new, white mage or black mage.

Be careful with who you open up to on the internet. There are a lot of assholes out there lurking behind their keyboard anonymity who do not have good intentions.


Yeah, let’s have some common sense and nobody getting hysterical or anything, if people want to meet or share intimate details, practice the exact same precautions you would meeting total strangers anywhere else, because our community, like any other, may have predators amongst either active members or lurkers.


Well than hey ho, hey ho but its off to the celibacy i shall go :smile: (a little joke) :slight_smile: