BALG - "Kill God" in Grimoire of the Damned?

First off lets establish I greatly admire and respect Mr Koetting I believe he is sharing real information and very powerful work. Secondly, I am completely new and observing much research in preparation to actively participate.

I was on the same page here at BALG ever since my 1st discovery only a short time ago viewing the LBRP video on YouTube. Since then I’ve carefully watched and enjoyed many other videos EA Koetting shares taking them one day at a time sometimes spending several days on one video. It wasnt until I came to “The Book of Azazel” I came to my 1st deterrent.

Im sure somewhere I’ve yet to cover it is broken down from a metephorical analogy however this seems to be the entire framework of the business.

Lake of fire, Kill god, and disband the 4 archangels.

Again I’m sure weve covered this elsewhere, but I am coming from a very strong atheist background and theism is one belief structure I adamantly oppose, disagree with, detest, and disregard.

It would appear this type of Magick follows the Book of Enoch outline. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to disprove great works like the Golden Dawn (although I’m going through my confusion there as well), but as someone who does not believe in a literal translation of “hell” a lake of fire/Jesus/judeo|abrahamic deity, I’m forced to feel disappointed with the direction of the book “The Book of Azazel” - thus far. Btw, beautifully told which made the disappointment so distasteful which I’ve thought about regularly on a daily basis to prepare my question.

If you wouldn’t mind is there a place I haven’t looked yet and an answer I’m missing for this Demonology? I was under the impression that the gods of The Old Religion became the devils of todays religions so as you can see where I’d feel my apprehension to continue currently. Disbanding the archangels seems like a step back for mankind, and killing god (which I assumed was our higher self - a “higher being” no one really knows really anything about other than it is at the source and what connects us all) would seem to be such a negative outcome for us all - especially if were Becoming Living Gods! Ugh, so frustrating. I wouldn’t expect a response to this question, but it is a sincere question going to a positive benefit for the direction of this business.

I also have some friends who are well known in the atheist community, ergo have been generously understanding and also astoundingly skeptical to any type of truth to this. I’ve learned that the truth is definitely in spiritually, although at this point my answered question could prove to be a very useful tool at this juncture toward your work Mr Koetting. Thank you the your time.

I found the answer to my question in a BALG podcast with Nate Bales at 15mins:

This video by S. Ben Qayin “Deindoctriate Religious Dogma” also had the answers:

As well as the last several videos were very good by Koetting. That love spell sent me spinning for a few days, I cant imagine the reaction he must have gotten personally.

Sure its well known but might as well add that I asked a previous question about what you use on the walls in your magick room. Does it make a difference to be the most spirit friendly?

Are the books which sold out never available again except through Ebay where they are above $3,000?

Did you ever do a video with cube to create as an idol for a spirit?

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