BALG conspiracy theory

Drawn to here via spiritual influence, advertising said deities was the cost.

Hmmm… A lot of people do magick for success in business or to draw people to their site/product. It is not really an uncommon thing, and there are many threads here discuss techniques and how to’s to do something similar.

Though there might be even more forces here to draw you towards this path, beyond the magnetism of whatever spellwork (if it exists) is on the site/idea.

If you search around the Forum, its thought that the Forum itself is a sentient construct.

Is it really important as long as you are learning, advancing your craft, and having fun? :smiley:

Stay as long as it suits your purpose. We’re here to help each other in our collective ascent.


I don’t mind. I just need… I need a moment to know. I’ve been doing a lot of pondering and seeing but not any knowing. I don’t know if I’ve talked to King Paimon. I don’t know if I’ve been to the upper world. I don’t know if this what I’m supposed to work towards.

I am strong, yet I feel without a thing to grasp onto in the cold, mysterious night ahead.

You’ve been here literally 5 days. It’s too soon to even start processing it all.

Chill out, take a breath and give yourself a chance to digest. Maybe log off and take a walk in nature to rebalance.


I cannot show you how slow my days are. I cannot show you what a day means. I cannot physically portray to you how long this has been.

This is a secret of mine. Or perhaps a misunderstood discovery.

I’m not sure. But to you, time may accelerate. I have broken from my schedule, and so every second counts.

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It doesn’t show. The way you’re talking here, you look like you’re headed for burnout faster than normal.


As I have been through multiple times throughout this five day period. I’ll be done in an hour.

That belies this:

Make your mind up, do you need a break or are you good? In which case, why are you complaining? What is the purpose of this thread?

It was a joke, now I started talking seriously

My solution is not to break away from work, but to work towards knowing what I do not know.

There are a lot of caring people that visit and run the site and forum. And I will say this:


Breathe in your path, take it easy and have fun with it if you can. I don’t know if you’re young or not but I will say enjoy what you do. Now, I’m a bit giddy having just received what I’ve been after and I must say the journey was great. I did get frustrated but WOW in the end it paid in spades+. All that bad press about BALG, EA, etc. utter bullox. No conspiracy about people who put in the work and passion into their work and share it and make a living off of it. I can hope it makes me a better person just realizing this.


Joke thread. But it could technically be the case.

My old website was pretty successful because I had a sigil built into and hidden behind the layout that was meant to attract success and members.


@anon48079295 How can I do the same for my YouTube channel? Do you think it would help me? Also do you know a way to make it without needing someone to design it, because I don’t know any designers and I wouldn’t like to share this secret with someone outside of this.

I’m not 100% sure with a youtube channel, you could have it within your channel’s profile picture or cover photo using an online blending tool. As for designs you don’t really need one, you can use a image of your choice and draw a sigil of your choice using paint, or any other drawing or online sigil tool.

Sometimes you have to take a break from saving the world to go chase chickens for villagers. It’s helpful to break from the serious things & go be silly as shit. These are things Legend of Zelda taught me. :joy_cat:


It’s a channel for music so I was thinking to make 1 Sigil for the profile and cover photo. But you know I don’t want it to look like a drawing, but like a symbol or something that I created out from the letters of my name, so it matches the whole artistic concept. Im sure it would help, the problem is that I want it to look good, that’s why I didn’t make one yet.

Using your name, like this?

I would like my magick to be silly as shit. Any suggestions?

It doesn’t do anything when I write something, but I understand what it is,so not exactly.
Let’s say that my artistic name is Michael. I would like to have a Sigil in a way that the Letter M stands out in its final form. So it can be a Sigil - symbol for me, and the letter or a symbol that looks like the letter M for the people who see it.

Hrm. I suggest a firm foundation in energy work & understanding of ritual/ceremony structure to aid focus/intent/will, then getting creative with the nuts & bolts of the exact things involved. I once performed an exorcism by calling upon the powers of Tony the Tiger & a healthy balanced breakfast to help some people I knew who dabbled without proper protection. The trick, even when being silly, is to be sincere in your will while backing it up with mindfully directed energy.