BALG app idea🤔

So! I thought of an idea, this is just a hypothetical idea ofc maybe it’ll happen one day but just a thought…what if someone spoke with Eric in creating a BALG app? Doesn’t seem like too much of a bad idea to me, like an app based off the website but with notifications for the forum!:slightly_smiling_face:

Cause I noticed, I added this website as like an icon on my Home Screen and it annoys me how I’m so use to notifications when I get messages or even when someone replies to a post of mine, so I had this thought that would be cool in my opinion.

An app based off this website containing everything this site has, maybe even a bit more?:thinking:

Not requesting this to happen just thought I’d share my thoughts with you guys…what do you guys think of this I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought of it😅


This has been brought up before.

I thought so, like @Onion told me this is probably best as a website I do agree with him but it doesn’t seem too much of a terrible idea

The official word has been that there are no plans for a BALG app.

Yea I didn’t think so, i always been tech savvy and thus I brought the habit of WHAT IF THIS EXISTED over with me, these types of things are just fun for me to think about… and yeah that would make sense cause the website would go dead

I’m that case, and seeing as this forum is based on the discourse framework, I suggest you go over to the discourse forum and tell them about it.

But do search the forum first, it’s probably already been suggested that browser notifications be available from discourse, and they’ll ignore you if you create a new thread instead of using the existing one.

Yeah, wasn’t really a request type of thing like I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN

was more of a “how interesting would it be” type thing i am one to be very theoretical, there is a new thing you learned about me lol

Browser on laptop/desktop computers, you mean? Because that already exist.

I’d get that app.

This. Balg didnt design this website they are using forum software. Also notifications work, I think there’s a setting for it somewhere.

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Yeah but I think he’s asking for badges on phone browsers as opposed in in-app notifications?

So instead of running out in a browser, run it in its own app. It’s a lot of work for almost no benefit.

I don’t know much about app badges, they irritate me so I’ve always turned them all off all the time. I check when I want to check not because I was nagged by a mindless bot.