Balg and somnus dreadwood

Recently I Tried To Go To Somnus Dreadwoods Company And Website Called The Black Court.But The Website Was Completely Removed.
Is Somnus Dreadwood Planning To Re Release All Of His Old Works And Writings Through Balg.I Never Got A Chance To Order His Books And Lodge Books.Their Also Used To Be Cool Items For Sale Like,Amulets And Talismans On The Black Court Website.Can We Get An Update From Mr Koetting And Somnus Dreadwood About This.Are Balg And Somnus Dreadwood Merging Companies. looks fine to me. Maybe it was down for maintenance or something earlier?

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The website did go down for a little while, but its back online :slight_smile:

The Cabal have some exciting new books coming out, to add to the excellent ones they already have available