Balance experiment

So I was doing an exercise earlier involving flipping a coin with the aim of making it land on a chosen side, through energy channelling. I noticed that the exercise was harder when I wanted it to land on only the heads side, but it was fairly easy to make the coin alternate between heads and tails. This got me thinking about balance and the role it plays in the world around us.

Now the majority of us don’t believe in the threefold rule or karma ( myself included ), but I think the idea of balance that underpins both of these ideas is a sound one. The problem with these ideas of karma and what ever you cast coming back three fold, is that it oversimplifies the way balance works.

The universe doesn’t care if you’re good or bad, right or wrong, but what it values is the balance of actions. In the same way the coin falls more readily in a consistently alternating pattern of heads and tails, the world around us seeks to balance one action with the opposite. Now this doesn’t mean the direct opposite happening to the person causing the initial change, more that the opposite of the initial action is always reflected in the world in equal measure.

We can apply this style of thinking when considering how and why our magic manifests the way it does. Imagine you cast a wealth spell to increase your income. There are a number of ways I’m which the universe could balance the change you’ve created ie. Manifest the magic you’ve cast.

  1. You’ve pushed the idea of wealth out into the world, so the world pushes wealth back at you. Eg. A lottery win

  2. You’ve raised your income, so someone elses drops eg. You inherent money from a dead relative, shifting their wealth from them to you.

  3. You’ve decided to no longer remain where you are, financially, so someone else must remain in their current position eg. You get the promotion and the other candidate doesn’t.

As you can see, there’s a number of different ways the universe can restore balance. When we begin to think of manifestation of our results as a balancing act, where we place a weight on a scale and the universe has to balance out the other side, we can begin to analyse where our manifestation may come from and adjust our rituals to more effectively aid the balancing process ie. Speed up manifestation speed.

Like I said, I’ve just thought of this, so haven’t had time to test it. What do you lot think?


What you have written if seen through other lenses, we make the universe seem like it is not abundant. Therefore creating a limiting belief as of the examples you just listed above.

The Universe is abundant, it can give you all that you desire. Balancing is not to the detriment of the other.

There are many examples, quotes, instances to give and I am sure some members will do such.

What you should know is that; *We are only the ones limiting ourselves. And Limitation exists only in our mind. *

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I had a discussion with Aquas_Veritem about a similar topic a bit earlier on. I’ll say no what I said then:

Of course we’re talking about paths of manifestation here, rather than limits of magical power, but the theme of abundance and limited power are quite closely linked.

With limited power, we reach road blocks that must be worked around. The new solution, eg. A servitor to engage in poltergeist activity to avoid the limit on telekinetic ability, helps us continue down the road and towards our goal.

Similarly, although the universe possesses the ability to potentially provide for our desires, we cannot simply have our desires satiated, in much the same way we cannot perform telekinesis past a certain point. We must find a way to obtain our desires by manipulating the resources/making the changes that then allow us to achieve our desires.

Both the servitor and the manipulation of the universes resources serve as tools for us to obtain our desires. We must acknowledge the truth of the universe, whether it be the limits of the human form or the way in which different aspects of the universe interact, before we can see how to work around the difficulties we encounter.

Nothing in life is infinite or free: even something as simple as learning to look out for yourself comes at a cost to those who would manipulate you. You gained potential happiness and success, so the manipulators lost potential happiness and success.


I’ve had some more time to work with this and I’ve found it’s an effective system.
So far, I’ve applied it to animal sacrifice. I performed a ritual in which it’s death and related losses (eg. Abscence of future oportunity etc. ) was channelled with the intent of the balancing of the created loss benefitting me. Once I’d performed the ritual, the wind picked up and it started raining, as I dedicated the sacrifice ( always get this with my more powerful rites, so it’s a good sign ).
Guess I’ll just have to wait and see how my ritual manifests