Balance and Karma

Hello all I thought I would give yet another rant and lecture on my views on Balance and everyone’s favorite excuse: Karma (be prepared for my personal opinions shortly)

Hello my magical family for those who know me I ask alot of simplistic stupid queries on here yet I have never in my own personal experience heard such a silly excuse as Karma, however I do believe in BALANCE even if it’s against myself.

Let me explain.

“As above so below” - these four words to me mean so much more then just a farewell and ending to a loving rite or story that might be found in some grimoires

Now wrap your brains and thinking noodles on this.

Query- Do you think that a spirit can’t hurt you even if you don’t summon him? Because you cannot trace back the origins of said spirit?

If your answer is anything less then “Yes” your naive at worst to think that something can’t come after you

Facts; and personal occurrence:: I had a ghost earthbound spirit choke me to the point of me almost blacking out or worse dying two nights ago.

The phrase “as above so below” in my opinion goes like this: if a person who is corpreal and living can hurt you, you bet your naive ass a ghost or demon or even an angel can hurt you.

And Balance: I personally think that people confuse this with Karma. I’ve tested karma and it’s principles it does not exist. In Japanese culture it does as a superstition maybe? I don’t know exactly.

BALANCE IS EVERYTHING : if someone mistreats you it’s properly fitting for you to take all your anger and direct it towards the balance to even the odds and to make yourself feel better

It is a nice lie that I told myself over the years the reasons of karma but let me ask you this :what does energy do: take the path of least resistance, it takes the laziest route and who’s directing it hmm? Can you say? I don’t think you can quantifiably tell me what karma is or who directs it.

You know who’s does: the Evocator and her/his will for the BALANCE to happen. Because without the Evocator being the creator energy does not have direction to just instantly “find” Justice for those that have wronged you.

Could you elaborate more on this? Where did this spirit come from exactly? Sounds malicious.

The supposed origins of this spirit was a man who was supposedly bad, very bad but his hatred for me probably was just the fact that I was around someone he haunts

Okay I see. Have you tried what is required to banish the spirit? Just in case it’s an occurrence.

Also, balance and karma are two seperate entities. Karma doesn’t necessarily mean past actions. It embraces both past and present deeds. Hence, in one sense, we are a result of what we were, we will be the result of what we are.

Balance is about knowing healthy limits and moderation between all your proclivities — to make sure you don’t start weighing yourself down. Here’s the catch with life: you are either INCLINING or DECLINING, life is not a straight line. It’s either going up or down. I’m a black and white kinda person. Deal with it :wink:

If you live a life of ignorance and craving. It’s a life of suffering, it doesn’t feel right. Your hunger for unimportant things becomes insatiable. All about balance my friend yes :slight_smile:

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My points stand with both words. I’m not disagreeing with you however I’m also not agreeing

If you are ambivalent towards my views on it, it’s very understandable. Every single practitioner has their own gold worth of knowledge that resonates with them on deep level.

You’ll have very subjective answers for the world that we’ve all chosen to take here is nothing but subjective. It’s personalised and riddled with perceptions received by others or construed by one self to live by.

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Well, I’m not inclined to agree with anyone, however in my own personal opinion this is how both karma and balance present themselves to me

Yes. The same way karma doesn’t present itself at all to anyone who does cursing and baneful magick because if they conceptualised it, it’ll ruin their life.

The concept of karma isn’t really applicable to many practitioners. Why would they apply it when they believe all the power is in their hands? It’s true, it is.

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Yes and therefore I don’t know why people love discussing such things

It depends man because metaphysical and universal concepts and laws will always be discussion for the open minded.

Other than that, I just think religion and politics doesn’t belong to any dinner table. Once that starts, it’s all over.

My thread is just that. My opinion to help future witches and mages to see and think of this concept and help them to endevor their rituals with more and more ferocity and fervor then before.