Bageta Makum info?

Please excuse my awful english. It is not my first language. I found this spirit on someone else’s thread called:“spirit to to help to obtain a new home” i can’t find anymore info on this spirit. Can anyone provide more info and links? He really resonates with me.


This is the post by @Goetia_experiences_a:

Looked interesting, hopefully we will find out more. :+1: :smiley:



These files from my study library, compiled some time ago I hope it helps!


oh man thanks a lot! where did you get this?? really helpful.

Oh hey , sorry I don’t come on here often. So I got it from fraterjuice. My cousin is one of his patreons, so he showed me some of his work. :slight_smile: I just saw he made a youtube channel too. Here’s more info :

he talks about bageta makum =)

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what’s the link to his pateon? Is the doc free or i have to pay ?

It’s free if you check his channel. Anyone else try the demons he’s conjured up?

I plan to, and yourself?

Great stuff will give it a go