Bael - Gatekeeper Of Outter Darkness

There is was in the vastness of nothingness, mediated and shredded my ego and the sense of who I was.

The nine gates rose up around me, one gate which pulled me in was The Gate Of The Ruler.
Bael’s gate opened and pulled me in, like a abyss swallowing a soul of the damned.

There a thundering voice, echoed through me and around me. Bael gave me a very intricate incantation to summon him, detailing the secrets prayer of the feline, the toad and the crowned one.

Summon the three heads, then I will come is what he told me. This great work takes the mortal soul and doesn’t just make him a God of the other worlds.

His teachings he has been delivering unto me, the things I am attaining is unbelievable.

Become the ruler, existence will become a staircase for you, to walk upon.

I cannot say too much, however this is going to change everything.

Hail Bael.



Hail Bael! :heart:

I love him so much, totally obsession-worthy. :smiley:


I agree totally

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Congratulations. Looks like you pulled it off.