Bael Canalization

Ok, so here are a few questions answered by Bael

When i do a curse to destroy someone, opens a portal at hell? If i do more curses to xxxx will accelerate the person death?

1 - No, a portal does not open in hell, this is extremely foolish, your perception is only altered by making you see, hear and feel what is always there, but you cannot see, with this you can dominate and aim at energies to something or someone. No, doing several curses will not change anything, what you can do is redo / reinforce the initial for it to suffer in a greater intensity but this does not change the given period.

Why flies are sent to me? What purpose?

2 - Flies are always around carrion and rot, when they are sent, they watch over your sadness and loneliness indicating that you should try to do something for your own good, or that something very strong will come and you must prepare, be good or bad.

What should i do for enhance my invocations?

4 - Do not give your blood frequently, move any technology away from your hands during the process, turn off, form a circle of leaves around you and look at the skies for about 1 minute, close your eyes with your head still up towards to the heavens and seek connection with the spirit you desire, speak aloud, to strengthen the connection.

What spirits were there when i created my altar to you?

5 - Prayon, Zé Pilintra, Pomba Gira Cigana, Clara who is the spirit of the woman you saw, Bael himself and Satan. the altar is rooted return to intensify.