Bael and Yeheshua/Jesus


From my research on the Canaanite deities, I have come to find out Ba’al/Bael has many different representations that are not just of storm and weather. I’ve learnt Ba’al is seen as the child of El and from this, is also a god of resurrection.

From what I have learnt of the Abrahamic religions, God/Yahweh is often refered to as El or even as Elohim as well. Now I know theres a lot of debate over Yahweh being a figure of El and so on sp take what you will from this but Jesus being the Son of God as it goes and having a resurrection, it is of my belief that Jesus was and is an aspect of Bael.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?


I doubt it. But the word Elohim is plural, so referring to at least 2 likely more. Who knows? I have no issues with Jesus, just don’t like his fan club much.


Yeah, I believe Elohim refers to “children of el” and often times as well “children of god” and El itself is just a semetic word for God. It’s weird but perhaps if we take the historic Jesus into account, it can be seen that he would use these titles himself to help humanity on their ascent as well.


I’m not sure if he’s a son of any God, or just an enlightened sorcerer. But I’m not as familiar with the NT. It’s message doesn’t bother me.
I did study the OT rather thoroughly. It’s wear the meat is. I use the OT for people who want to convert me. I find that the murder of the firstborn in Egypt works well, nobody wants to admit they’re ok with that. :rofl::rofl:


Well to be fair, the NT has very little on the life of Jesus himself. All we really see in the first four books of the NT, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are stories of what he did and of his works. We get little information on his childhood, his adolescence or where he was as a young adult. In the back of my mind, I’ve always held this belief that he continued to travel east and would have stumbled across the Buddhist beliefs and incorporated them into his own beliefs. The rest of the NT are letters written to the various churches and even John, in exile to Patmos, wrote Revelation. Now, is Revelation meant to be taken as a serious thing or is it simply the ending of a story? there’s debate especially on “the beast of revelation” being that of the emperor Domitian.


And I believe the OT serves its purpose to show the Israelites perspective on the Old gods and the kingdoms at the time as well. I’m not saying they’re right keep in mind but simply, it shows its perspective


Actually I heard too that he studied with Buddhists. No idea why I know this. I think revelations refers to a spiritual shift. And somehow I don’t think that’s going to work out well for the abrahamic faiths. Could be wishful thinking, but I feel a kind of deep sense of knowing.


I’m under the impression that the Abrahamic faiths are often very limiting in mankind’s ascent. The desire in the religions that a god controls who you are instead of you deciding what and who you are. Then again, it serves its purpose for a form of social control I suppose. I was once a Christian and blindly followed the egregore of man instead of serving myself. It is often times, Azazel would be referred to as satan in the Christian faith with man determining “well I sinned, it was Satan who tempted me!” and they never accept that they were in the wrong. For every wrong thing they do that is determined as sinful, they would rather use a scape-goated figure to blame their actions than to blame and take control over themselves.


That is so very true. People don’t take responsibility for their own actions. That is the first step in any ascend and it’s freakin frustrating to deal with them.
It works well to keep the sheep enslaved. Rather sad actually. I have a client, well now a former client who borrowed money from people to open a business. Every second word is praise of god. Turns out while he was using other people’s money to give $1000 to his church per month but is lying and stealing right and left :roll_eyes:


People would rather blame others than themselves based entirely on their ego sometimes of a “Holier than thou” attitude. it’s not to say ego in of itself is bad, it’s ego that allows us to love ourselves and others but if you let it grow too much, ego becomes toxic and poisons you under the presumption that you’re better than everyone.

People in the occult are better than everybody else though! :joy:


Absolutely agree. At least we’re open minded, usually much more tolarant. In general, I think people suck, with their petty first world problems like who shows up with the better car at church.


It is of my belief that the people of the church do not see the real Jesus but rather the egregore figure of Jesus and of “God” as well. Any loon can say “God told me this” such as the Westborough Baptist Church saying “God hates gays” when in reality, yes, he may do so but at the same time loves gay people, the very existence of this god egregore in of itself is a paradox entirely due to human nature determining what god is. Extending to the egregore figure of Jesus as a messiah as well based entirely on human nature determining “My Jesus tells me this”. They’re not even worshipping the real figures in the first place but their own idealised version and get away with it


I believe in 2 jesuses. First was yeheshua who gained access to the akashic records and enlightenment. Came to teach humanity to ascend.

Second was after the church moved against the movement started by yeheshua as this was seen as a threat. So they killed jesus and replaced him with a doppler. Then they staged the ressurection and used the nazarene as a tool for worship and christian propeteering.

This is my personal belief. I do not believe the jesus who died was the same as the one who ressurected. I believe he claimed to be ressurected before his crusification. I believe he claimed this as an allegory for obtaining enlightenment, a lot like osiris. And then he was literally killed and his writings were warped into the story we know now.

This is my personal belief

“Whoever discovers the meaning of these sayings wont taste death”

“Jesus said: If those who lead you say to you: See, the kingdom is in heaven, then the birds of the heaven will go before you; if they say to you: It is in the sea, then the fish will go before you. But the kingdom is within you, and it is outside of you. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will know that you are the sons of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty.”

P.s i believe the first yeheshua to be a demon incarnation, seems like you figured out who


And instead of God every other Name can be inserted too :slightly_smiling_face:


What about the second Jesus?


Thats the doppler they claimed to be the ressurected jesus. Without media back then it was much easier to have someone impersonate officials. They did this often with kings and queens to avoid assassinations.


Sorry, I mean is the second Jesus a God incarnate? If not, then what?


Nope, hes just a royal they told what to preach, he preached it to further the catholic control.

See the catholic church woild convert people by stealing their religion and twisting it to fit their new monotheistic view.

This made it easier to integrate the pagans they were conquering. Also, after the bacchic mysteries, rome decided every citizen had to follow the same religion as other religions were a threat to the political integrity of rome

This is my belief


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True, this spirit is an ancient Canaanite deity closely associated with Goddess Astarte (Astaroth). In Hebrew his name reads as “Ba’al” which simply translates as “lord”. He was worshipped by the wifes of King Solomon who built temples to Baal and Astarte in Israel (which was once called Canaan) and there were statues made of him.