Badluck in pact


I think i have badluck in spells
Long story short i tried to make a blood pact whit the Great Duke Sallos.
But i think i did a couple of things wrong an the pact was not approved by him.

I ask to much to do for a girl ( love me etc ) and offer to little like only 1 thing (there were 2 phrases whit the same meanig )
I didn’t sign my name in Blood (only put 2 small drop “more like a blured dot, no thumb print ” on the signature made bye red pen)
3 I forget about the incense to use in the ceremony
4.I didn’t ask for his astral signature (at the end of the ceremony) or if wanna make a pact
5. I didn’t use black or blue candel or had any silver ring on me ( i don’t like jwellery personal thing )
6. The ritual was done during the day
This made think there is no pact made or was denied bye the Duke
Now i fell bad because i don’t one to offend him,
Can the pact pact be denied ? because of the things i did wrong.
Sorry for the lont post have a nice day.

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you don’t need so much tools and dogma, you know it? if you have respect and wanna make a pact, of course the spirit won’t be offended


True i think i was to hastey in making the pact and the offering a was very poor and probably he didn’t like wat he saw
That’s my bad thx for the answer @elainebeldoc l

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Well man…listen first is not necessary for every thing you want to perform with a spirit or you want a spirit to manifest it for you …that you must make a pact with him…

And to perform a pact with spirit you don’t need all those things… You just need a piece of paper to write down your needs and drop of blood to sign it…in addition you can invoke/evoke the spirit first and then write down your pact sign it…and even if you can draw out a spirit sigil on it…(that is your drop of blood on the sigil of spirit)

And there are long term pacts or short term pacts (like 3 months to a year)…so you must determine what kind of pact you want…

And not every spirit is good for you to make a pact with…example my self when I started doing magic I wanted to form a pact with Lucifer but instead the one who was supposed to make pact with so things could go they way I want was Astaroth…

So you must be certain with the spirit you’re performing a long term pact with…

But in your case evocations or invocations are the best choice… Without forgetting love spells…(just my advice)

For more on pact making there is a YouTube channel called “black witch coven”… She have explained one on her videos a simple ways on pact making… Go check for your self…:blush:

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