Badge ? What did I do?


been awhile, logged in and found this. Not sure of the whole story, anyone wanna bring me up to speed ?

I don’t understand what you mean?

Hey Frater,

The badge is a feature of the new system that you get when you reach certain milestones, like getting a certain number of likes, or editing a post for the first time. It doesn’t unlock anything new until you get the badge of a 'regular" which allows you to rename threads and unlocks the “lounge” area.

Edit: Eva beat my post by mere seconds :stuck_out_tongue:


AAAHHH cool, never thouoght of something like that- there will always be alot awesomer “MileStoners” then me, but getting recog for anything is cool if its good. I love this place, for me it is the Secret LHP college library study groups!!! I can get obsessed from the food in here really fast.