Badass swag thread (Occult manuscripts and grimoires)

Welcome to the badass occult swag thread (occult books and or manuscripts)

I thought I would start a thread for us assholes that like to show off our books. I welcome anyone with something VERY RARE… or just something you REALLY enjoy reading relating to the occult to post it here. I really enjoy collecting books and reading. Lets share! I am extremely curious to see small tid bits of what everyone has! :smiley:

Ill start off with something that is not so rare. But the leather edition was limited to only 150 copies. Mine being 100.

The Magical Treatise of Solomon, Hygromanteia. By Ioannis Marathakis. Forwarded by Steven Skinner.

Any rare books I have are in PDF format. Some of the few dozen physical grimoires I do have were printed in limited hardback editions but most can be purchased in unlimited paperback versions or eBook format.

My custom #4 of 11 Thoth deck

In addition to these minus the TOBL stuff that’s now gone.

I’ve picked up these

And these

I’ve got a copy of Gateways Through Stone and Circle on its way soon as well as one of the 25 Author’s reserve editions of Volubilis ex Chaosium on the way when it’s done being bound.