Bad Press for Demons

Every once in a while, I watch “Ghost Adventures” in hopes of seeing real progress in the Paranormal Plane making contact with Our Plane. I know there is alot of BS for ratings, and filling the ever hungry mindless skulls with more Documented Ignorance.
But I am so fatigued of the Overwhelming “Anti- Demon” Propaganda.
Anytime Z ak, or the myriads of ‘boogeyman chasers’ begin talking like they know what are saying-- I end up feeling insulted for the “Demon Race” just
as a Christian would be if Muslims said bs about Jesus.
Why do not Demonolaters call this “Bozo for Zozo” out and show what happens when say A Demon King like Belial is evoked. Not only are all Demons NOT Beasty 3 clawed menaces to humanity- Many are Gods- and many are likely more worthy of a relationship than at very least- the Bible Gods.