Bad news guys,

I’m self quarantining. Yes, I may unfortunately have Covid 19. I believe I’ll be okay. So I’m Looking up a ritual to improve my chances.


A petition to a spirit of health (such as Raphel) or a spirit of disease (such as Nergal) might help. May you have a speedy recovery


Hope you feel better and stay safe my brother


Buer is pretty good, right?


Try one or both of these:

Also, obvious but sometimes overlooked, call on any spirits you’ve worked with successfully before and ask them to look over you and protect you. This is a scary illness because of all the coverage and politics, but more people recover than become seriously ill from her. :pray:


Yes, Buer is. And like @Lady_Eva pointed out, any spirit you have worked with in the past


As others have already stated, Archangel Raphael. He is always my go to for healing. Sending you some positve healing energy. :wind_face::green_heart:


You’ll be fine. I had it twice. My sense of taste and smell is still not all the way back, but the cough itself was like normal winter cough.

If you don’t already, the number a showing immune boosting supplements Vit C, Vit D (or a lot of sunshine) and Zinc are very helpful.
For the Vit C make sure it’s like, 1000 mg 3x a day. Vit D 1000 mg a day. Zinc a normal dose.
Stop after you’re better - vitamin C in high doses long term is contraindicated.

I vote for Raphael and do moving spontaneous qigong outside with your bare feet on the ground and sun on your face.


Really Maulbeere! So are you okay and in the clear now?


Yes absolutely, there’s not even any impact on my running performance, not that I know my VO2max or anything, but not that I can tell anyway :+1:

I’m not wearing any arm band if it goes there though. :joy:


Well Amun Ra to that! Glad to hear it. :muscle:

What you mean arm band?

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Try The Archangel Raphael


Oh there’s been an idea toted, that people who test with antibodies could wear armbands to identify that they can’t be infected or infect others. That doesn’t actually make any sense medically, but it offended a lot of people on multiple levels. Can’t really get into it further because that would violate the no-politics truce. I was kidding: bad taste in humour. :smiley:

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I see. I’m American so there’s been no talk of these arm bands. And even being American, I have no clue what this wacky country is up to… 🤷 🤦


One thing I’ve learned in life is that people operate on little perception and little knowledge. To which case, there’s this fear of false information. Above all, what matters is what we choose to believe in. We have a habit of mistaking belief for truth, but what we believe in is based on what’s convenient or desirable for us.

Regarding those wristbands, I can see people getting offended. Granted, that’s not uncommon now a days.

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Hereby an improvised ritual to Raphael, with a slight power Incantation from NAP.

Please take care and get healthy. If you want I can take you with me in my NAP and Raphael ritual too, so we can put in some extra power. I would be glad to help!


If its still Saturday by you use Saturn energy to banish it!

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I’d like to reiterate that I “May” have Covid 19. MAY; as in it could be possible I’m not infected.

Yesterday I discovered myself having a minor scratchy throat. It could’ve been allergies. I also went for a walk, got a sun burn, and became subject to a malaise because the sun just does that to me. I also did not get much sleep because of these things, and it being too hot. So I think the lack of sleep has made by throat go from scratchy to sore and cause my head to hurt.

I think I’m fine, but you can never be too careful. And while I can catch the occasional cold, I never actually get sick.


Good, keep it that way. Take care!

Talked to my doctor earlier and she was not I have covid. I’m getting tested tomorrow. Family is okay. No symptoms at all. According to the doctor, if they haven’t shown symptoms yet, they won’t Be showIng symptoms at all. She also said I have to quarantine for ten days, so by Sunday, I’ll get to leave the house.

I give thanks to Buer.

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