Bad experiences

I’ve been watching a lot of paranormal shows recently, and it really got me thinking. Why is it so many of these people claim to have such negative and frightening experiences from dabbling in the “occult”? But others like myself have had nothing but positive and empowering experiences. Theories?


I’d say it’s because they go in with certain “religious” stigmas and dogmas attached and try and reason or do the working with that as your base…

That’s a recipe for disaster and really piss a lot of spirits off… If they’ve got a preconceived idea about something and try to force it


Some of them open themselves up to negative entity tricksters who feed off of fear and other bad experiences, and because they just started they don’t know how to banish.

I have spent time with someone who is full of them and they pretend to be higher entities but aren’t (he had a couple of higher ones with him and they told me to get out of that situation).


We also have to remember these are tv shows,
A lot of these people have very little experience and as @KingOfEvil said go in with religious preconception, if anyone was to go in and just open up and have no grounding or protection then their experiences maybe negative, in reality it takes years of learning and development to evoke/invoke correctly,
Magic isn’t a one off tv show it’s a life choice.


Very true…

Actually its such a royal fuckup being preconceived with a set idea about something…

The ideal situation for a person would be to come from the middle of the Amazon and had no influences all your life… It’d be much easier…

Then again just to be open minded and have some damn rationality would also work…


Well said @KingOfEvil


Religious dogma feeding thoughtforms they or those before them created with that fear. Taking the astral serious and giving an opening for them to be screwed with by them.


I believe it. It seems like all these shows do nothing but push the christian agenda


I agree with everyone else here.

I also add that there ARE actually negative spirits that exist. What I notice in those shows, aside from what everyone else has said, is that ALL of these people with these experiences (assuming they are real) did not know what they were contacting. They reached out and asked for ANY spirit to show up…and ANY spirit did show up.

They didn’t take protective measures, they didn’t even ask for positive spirits only. They just say “Hey, any spirits around? Come talk to me.” THAT is the difference.

For all of us here, we know who we are trying to contact. We reach out after doing tons of research. We know there colors, numbers, associations, personalities, roles, what they govern etc…we know not to just say “oh, let me get a ouija board and call to anything in the ether, with no previous knowledge.” We have asked a million questions etc…not only that, but after we invoke/evoke, after we’ve made offerings etc…we come to the community to get further guidance, to make sure we were truly successful, to get tips etc…

These people on these shows thought this was a game…and they probably don’t REALLY believe the spirits exist when they play around with this stuff…so they get burned for their ignorance and their disrespect and their lack of belief.

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I agree, I’m sure theres tons of parasitic spirits just waiting around to ruin somebody’s life. Especially someone who lacks belief and experience



Can’t agree more,

I’d also say to a degree I think it’s very arrogant what these people do, I mean if you think about it they are working with God’s not just some random ice cream spirit.
I think it angers the spirits when people are this arrogant and don’t give the proper respect and due towards them, that combined with the fact they just call out to “whomever” is a recipe for a shit breakfast…

Hollywood also goes out and propagates various entities in very successful movies nowadays and people automatically think, “Ahhhh so Valac is that scary demon in The Nun or King Paimon decapitates kids in Hereditary…”

This once again get people curious, dangerously curious, I might add they have a preconceived idea about let say for instance Valac, and they dabble and just end up getting fucked up for their arrogance and stupidity…

Not even by him but maybe by his legions…

Sometimes the stupidity and ignorance of humans baffles me


Oh how true. The way that the media forms the ideas is extreme. All that conditioning I think is so necessary to break first. That’s like me and Lucifer. I waited a bit to contact him because I knew I still had conditioned fear of himself. People go in without that self awareness… disaster! Lol

Haha. I totally agree!