Bad experience trying to make a love ritual

So…once almost 3 years ago I was super inlove with someone who doesn’t loved me. But I thought he loved me…So I went with a person who makes love rituals. The problem was that being me inlove and really sad I felt it RIGHT AWAY and he doesn’t felt the effects for what I could see (or he doesn’t felt NOTHING) and I was about to die. I was suicidal, I couldn’t eat, sleep, get up of bed. I was a total mess. So I went to a chaman (my ayahuasca shaman) and told him that I was with a magic ritual (didn’t told him that I ask for it, because I was really ashamed)…He make me a ritual to stop the ritual (and hope not for punish the people who make them) and I put well. Not right away well, but well. Even today I think I have consequences of what happened, because I moved out to a different city and every time I try to go there, I have nightmares, depression, anxiety, etc…


Yes, you’ve been very very very bad. Shame on you. Necesitas un azote.

It probably backfired.

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haha seriously. I want to know what went wrong

How can that happen?? I wasn’t doing the ritual, and the guy was making it said he was the best doing it :expressionless:

Love spells are so tricky that there are likely dozens of reasons why it might have went wrong. There’s just too many variables to consider.

Find a better practitioner, or beg and hope someone here deems you worthy enough to be entrusted with their occult secrets.

I don’t want to be with that person anymore. I’m just trying to understand what went wrong.

He said he was the best, but I guess all of them said that :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: there was money wasted, sadly, and time, and mental peace :confused:

It’s very interesting you that you noticed it had an effect on you. This is the key. The fundamental change you need is in your consciousness and the rest will take care of itself. In this case, your consciousness was not emotionally stable and things went from bad to worse when you compounded grief with shame and guilt.


I think I felt guilt and shame when I went with my chaman (because that involved to tell other people, and specially people who is not ok doing love rituals)…before that I was only hopping the ritual to work, but that desire and hope became despair very soon, the more anxiety I had, the lees effect I saw in him…:confused:

Yeah I can see that you weren’t truly at peace with the ritual work because you were still conscious of the loss and situation, looking for results etc. One thing to keep in mind: you cannot control anything that you perceive as being separate. If you can, then it is only to the degree you perceive a connection. Although all realities exist here and now, navigating from one state to another is very variable due to the fact that all realities exist here and now. It’s almost impossible to rationally gauge which path or how long a desire will take to present itself to you in clear focus as a “manifest” experience.


Can you please, give me more examples of this??? like, I was being separate from the guy I liked, or from the ritual, or from love? :scream::grimacing:

Everything is an example. What is truly independent of your perception and consciousness?
It is all about your perception/understanding of who you truly are. It’s not about the ritual, the guy, the love etc. It is about self-knowledge. Know thyself. Be still and know that you are God. When we are not in emotional balance, we are fundamentally attempting to disconnect from the essence (a feeling of calm) of who we truly are and this will create disconnects in the illusion we call reality as well in correspondence with the structure of our consciousness.

To put into the context of your illusory ( :slight_smile: which may seem overpoweringly real :slight_smile: ) situation: if you actually perceive this guy to be a separate individual, independent of you, then the illusion of free will comes into play and you cannot really influence him beyond the degree of your perception of the “reality” of things. For most people, this is how it works. That’s why I don’t recommend investing too much time in trying to influence others but only in oneself.

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If you cast a love spell on someone who isn’t in love with you, it mostly always backfires on you, it’s not true love. It can’t manifest some genuine property behind the force—love spells, if were applicable for some reason, would perhaps manifest good results if there was mutual love between the two and for it to be intensified. Even then, love spells is something I avoid.

If any outcome were to arise from the end result it’d be the splitting of the personality; which ended up back firing on you.

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Thank you!! :blush::blush::blush:

Omg!!! I remember that the person who made this ritual or spell first read “my situation” in cards. Tarot I think, and then he told me he could help me…and then he said he did not practiced “wichcraft”, because that is “bad”

But then (like 2 years later) other person told me that “wichcraft” is the only way to make to force a person to love you or be with you, that making that with “white magic” it is just a lie…is that true??

I can’t speak on behalf of others but I believe that love spells construe too much risk associated with it; love is a powerful emotion; emotions are fickle; and for a specific emotion to be intensified, doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be a smooth sail relationship— even then, having someone fall dearly in love with you, under a spell, almost like a depressing novel of a gullible woman being hypnotised, doesn’t sound pleasant to me.

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You cannot change another person because there is no true “other” or “you” in the individualistic and collective sense that we experience in the illusion of duality. There is only Self. One unified consciousness with infinite arrangements of consciousness.
I would suggest you avoid wasting time trying to influence something that you currently perceive as being separate because your very perception works against you. Magic is all about altering perspective. I would suggest you look within and make changes (if any) at the root, i.e. your consciousness.

Free will only appears to be. By attempting to force another you only engage in shadow boxing which, in my experience, produces limited and short-term results. To force love is to acknowledge the illusion of free will and, fundamentally, is a declaration of war. Is it any surprise that all of society’s ills stem from attempting to restrict or force the will of another in some way? Further, the strain it puts on your consciousness can actually make things worse for you overall. Change your self-concept and the entire universe will rally to it.

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