Bad Dreams After Ritual

Do you ever experience bad dreams right after a ritual? It’s very discouraging, actually. Feels like one is not in control of one’s life and rituals. But I think bad dreams may also work as some type of a purge or something, so…

Are you capable of speaking directly to spirits yet? Basically I’m asking if you are yet capable of full visual manifestation of a spirit and conversing freely back and forth?

No, not at all!

If you can’t consciously communicate with them (in my personal experience) they tend to give answers in abstract form through dreams and/or signs.

Try to think about the details of the dream, (what you remember of it - that’s the part you need to know) pick it apart and think of what the elements represent and compare them with your current situation.

You’re going to want to work on your banishing.

You don’t want your thoughts stuck on your magic. Banishing is letting go afterwards. If you’re dreaming about it, you haven’t let go.

Thx for the advices! Once a ritual is completed, I do forget about it; it’s an advice others and I received many times over the years. It’s called grounding.

But there are cases where I maintain an interaction with the entity in question (without focusing on the ritual per se). It’s called transvocation. I tried to enter transvocation a number of times incl. last time w/ Seere.

As for Baphomet, it’s an ongoing relationship; daily prayers as I see Him as part of God. I’ve had better dreams afterwards, some of which are cool and interesting but some of which are plain weird.

Yes, i had many times when working closely with spirits. Almost always they results has been the same as in the dreams. The spirit can even directly talk to you in the dream, what happened to me once.

It depends on the ritual and it depends on the dream. Impossible to tell without more information, but I would be mindful if the dream occured after baneful work. Always cleanse yourself after those kinds of workings.

I’ve had that happen before.Needless to say i became lucid in a dream with one spirit holding me down and another covering my mouth.I can’t say for sure now that i think about it but it might may have been my subconscious trying to rid itself of fear.Regardless i still did do a ritual banishing.Then again after doing an enochian ritual i went to sleep and again i became lucid with a spirit trying to choke the life out of me.When i woke up i told the spirit to fuck off because it ain’t scaring me.I really try not to let it bother me.