Backward symbolism

How does it aid your work? Examples, quarters and pentagrams invoked in names of archdemons instead of archangels, qabbalistic Cross starting at feet up to head for atoh malkuth, golochab and gha’agsheblah at the hips; speaking names or verses backwards, etc. Does it empower you in the LHP?

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Good question I don’t think it would balance because then your going against the angelic forces

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I was practising Qabbalah for many years, among many other things, like Tarot, Astrology… So, rituals of pentagrams, rituals of hexagrams and so on, became a great part of my life and personal philosophy. I invested a great amount of time in learning and practising, not to mention the circle of friends who shared the same interests.
Suddenly, without any expectations, everything felt apart. Friends disappeared, I started to question my beliefs, and after a period of emptiness I started to be more open and do my own research. At the beginning, I was attracted to the backwards symbolism (M.Ford), but very soon I realized that I just don’t like it. It seems to me like saying “no” instead of being truly creative.
I don’t see LHP as something related to RHP at all. For me, LHP is just a colloquial term that doesn’t mean much. I invest my time and practise in a self-realization. It means, magical abilities (astral projection in the first place), invocations, ritual practice, solitary workings and making good and stable relationships with demons I feel I have a good connection with.
I have to say that Lucifer approached me when I really needed some help.
I agree that the backwards symbolism holds a great power, but I want to keep my magic simple and very personal.


Interesting. I hope to soon evoke, see and hear spirits. Times a ticking

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I like the bit about self realization. Tony Robbins is not a bad author, Awaken the Inner Giant has some interesting material.
Self affirmations - David McGraw has an excellent video of 500 positive self affirmations.


Thanks, I’ll check them up!

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The current im exploring utilises this alot with powerful results. Ive applied it to some rites i made with info extracted from the bible when i was workin with Michael a few years ago. Flaming swords and circles are fun but harsh lol :laughing:

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@Fuego it’s really about how much power you put into it. Directions, pronunciations, even the symbols themselves are representations that will do nothing without your personal investment.

That said, one must also consider the amount of energy that other people have put into those things. As we are all interconnected, names and symbols can take on power because of decades or centuries, etc, of people pushing a particular thought into them. That’s why you’ll sometimes see a sigil or whatever that just punches you in the face.

When it comes down to it, all the power you need is already there, in your core. You just need to access it and if symbols, up-down-or-sideways, help facilitate that, awesome. If I were you, though, I’d go with the same thing you’re drawing on when you use the Tarot or scan people. Your personal connection. The fact that you’re able to tap into that indicates that you don’t really need to worry about the props.

Much love,

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