Backlash from a recent working?

I did a ritual recently that was accepted and went well. It is working and everything is as it should be,with the exception of the following.

I have been woken up twice the past 2 nights by a male voice telling me my target hates me anyway and the second time it said the target is not going anywhere. I felt an air of depression and evoked Lucifer and did a protection and banishing ritual with him.

I felt a breeze and the atmosphere changed. Was this a parasite? some protection the target has from dead relatives? They are not into anything spiritual and this has never happened before at all. I upped my protection anyway


It could have been a parasite since you said you’ve banished it with ease. The feeling of depression in the Air is usually a sign of a parasite (as they enjoy feeding on those energies).

I don’t think it was protection your target has or they would have likely attacked or told you to back off.


I banished it in about a minute with ease. I think it was a parasite trying to evoke negative emotion and doubt in me to feed off. It felt weak as it cleared off quickly enough


Encounters with them seem to be more common lately. Banishing and raising your vibration after a ritual is a must.


What kind of working was it?


It was a jar curse for someone else (not my target) who needed help



Hiya OP! It sounds like you need to do more occult information gathering, that’s a normal presentation of ancestral protection- you might’ve told it to bug off from you, but that doesn’t change the status of protections. You’ve got to hit the right domino to start the victory chain! :slight_smile:


I bound ancestors with Murmur. I researched before with divination also. It is one of those interesting things to learn from. Maybe it is also my subconscious on some level.


Did you check for servant spirits and unconscious power, too? Lots of the most annoying people are really just incarnations of spiritually dominant beings that failed somewhere along the way and were discarded, like backup avatars.

He might also just have enough hatred of you that it gained self-awareness! Those demons are easy enough to put down, the trick is binding them into something that messes with them to stop their magic. :slight_smile:


yes! thank you. I have one dead relative of a target in the past that was really protective over someone. How much can one dead relative do though against a layered demonic attack on a person? if protection is strong also?


I’m wondering why the hell I got woken up at 3:13…

Queen Beleth says” It’s nothing you can’t handle. He got lucky.” And she’s very nonchalant about it.

I ask if it’s attached to said individual ie ancestral, and she says “ No, just passing though.”

Do you work with her? She’s usually particular who she gives me messages for. She may be reaching out to you if not. :black_heart:


Yes! I got woken up at 3am pretty much exactly. I started my Lucifer ritual probably 3.15 uk time though.

Interesting! What does this mean? Lucifer flashed white light in my living room which has not happened for years and I felt total peace afterwards.

You feel it was just a parasite? these toxic people have lots of interfering spirits


Hiya! I wouldn’t count out any individual ancestor because they’re still a living, conscious being, and if they’re motivated enough they can access and even become the ancestral metagod.

Humans are superior beings to both angels and demons, but most of them only become aware of it after dying a lot. If someone isn’t magical in this life, but was in a previous one, their shades will be magicians, too. When you die, you remember everything at once, and the smart shades sort out the useful memories and can be really nightmarish if unchecked.

Fight fire with Fire, or as per this scenario, blood god with blood god. :slight_smile:


I will! thanks so much. I am cleansing and banishing today and doing even more protection than I already have and re newing my 4 corners etc.

Lucifer always has my back :heart: has done for years


I’ve noticed I get woken up around this time when I’m on the verge of a breakthrough or simply not listening. Very rarely has it been to pass a message but it happens.

I think you may have been woken by his light as a warning of the intruder. I don’t believe it’s anything to worry about and “ feeling” the situation I stick with that.

Keeping ancestors in mind is always a good thing because weather a person is spiritually inclined as we are, they still have some sort of backing depending on who they are or were. But as @Qayos mentions, you can easily fight fire with fire.

My feelers indicate that Lucifer woke you to warn you and is protecting your work since he assisted with it. I really would not worry about the passerby but maybe throw an extra protection in your home to avoid future interruptions- he had me draw his seal in Florida water in each corner of my home and it worked like a charm :grin:.

I actually think it’s a good sign - he’s watching you and your work :smiley:


No, I am not worried. It was very easy to move along and banish.

I have Andromalius protecting me also with his watchers.

Thanks so much. x You know Lucifers protection is fierce :+1:


He always takes care of his own :wink::heart:


I am due a good cleanse anyway.

I got rid of the jars out of the house and I bury today.

I am currently 2 hours into my house cleansing mantras and full saging and everything else.


All this depends on your ritual and your requests and tasks. It sounds more like a devination with the spirit where he is giving you guidance about your target. With the cool breeze blowing free and clear seems to be another sign of His presence showing perhaps he is from the east the magical direction of the element of air.