Backfire? What is going on with my sex partners petitions?

I have petitioned Asmodai, Sargatanas, and Zepar for lust spells to attract sexual partners… Two of them non specific (for anyone suitable based on some criteria), and one for a specific individual. I have experienced strange phenomenon which leads me to believe 2/3 requests were heard. I am seeing potential partners appear on social media that I forgot about, but none have initiated contact with me as I requested (typically I would initiate, but I have been waiting to see if my magic will work).

Several people have contacted me now that usually would not… but they are not the gender I am interested in, they are all friends and acquaintances. I was going to post earlier but decided not to as I felt it may just be more lusting for results by doing this, but now even more people have contacted me, but once again, they are not the right people. I was fairly specific with my request and it’s like the contact part is working, but they are definitely not fitting the loose criteria I set…

I have worked on several methods to reduce my lust for results, I was clearly obsessed over results as I called 3 spirits, so I called Dantalion to move my thoughts and have been trying other methods to help me tone it down.

I have two questions…

  1. Could these spirits be playing a joke on me in some way? I sometimes will experience brief excitement seeing a notification that someone contacted me unexpectedly, only to find that it is definitely not the gender I am interested in

  2. After casting a petition to contact me on someone, is it in bad taste to contact them? Should I simply wait longer and see if they contact me, as I petitioned? Someone who has expressed interest in the past, but we haven’t spoke in years.

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@ilMondo you say “Several people have contacted me now that usually would not… but they are not the gender I am interested in”.

Regarding question 1: Maybe they (the demons) want you to go out on a limb and stretch yourself beyond your normal boundaries and experiment a bit to experience a different side of yourself (since we are all both yin and yang and not just yin or yang not just one or other).

Note: modified your title question for clarity since you’re asking why the demons aren’t sending you what you expected with regards to what the gender of intimacy partners you expected them to send you (As they seem to be sending you the opposite of what you asked for).

*My wording maybe a bit clumsy but the revision does better reflect what your asking doesn’t it?


This might also be it in addition to what Kish said.

I don’t know about no. 2 tho.


Consider them more of a misfire than a backfire. Your magick worked, it just didn’t quite hit the target. I have had more than my fair share of those. If anything you should take it as a good sign, but in a kind of firm, polite, “no, thank you, try again” way, as far as your attitude goes (rather than “this spell failed/backfired”).

I have had this kind of prank pulled on me before. Don’t worry too much about it. But if you’re using a system/framework (like Demons of Magick) then follow the guidelines and don’t give any promised offering/reward until you get what you asked for.

Just sit back and take the attitude of “close, but no thanks – try again” and keep up with that mindset. Don’t overthink it.

Eeeh, it depends. This is why it’s important to consider how your petitions are worded, or what your goals are. If your goal was contact/communication, then no, it’s not necessarily bad to reach out to them, but it kind of nullifies the point of petitioning an entity for this purpose. If your sole purpose was to explicitly have them contact you, then rely on the entity. It can still happen, but it’s probably going to take a bit longer than picking up the phone and calling someone or sending them a message.

Just to illustrate, here are two results I’ve had from different “communication” work in the past:

  1. I used the Law of Assumption/Belief/Consciousness (sometimes called Law of Attraction) to feed my subconscious mind the thought “<name> texts me constantly”. This was on someone I wanted a relationship with. It took maybe two or three months to start working, which was around last December/January, and it hasn’t stopped. He still texts me constantly. Like, multiple times daily. It never resulted in a relationship (I no longer want it anyway) but he still sends me messages constantly.

  2. I tasked Agares to make a specific person ask me on a date within 30 days of the petition. I hadn’t spoken to the target in months. What ended up happening was that one of his loved ones sadly passed away, so I messaged him to offer my condolences. He replied thanking me and saying I should let him know the next time I visit the city where he lives so we can catch up.

Results come by “coincidence”, so although it would have been nice for him to just randomly text me after months of silence and say “hey let me take you out for dinner within the next 30 days”, given the circumstances (months of silence) it wasn’t very probable.

Does it count? I mean… yeah, kinda. :sweat_smile: I gave Agares his due and I’m going to continue working with him. (Although here’s some good “do as I say, not as I do” advice – time limits on results generally don’t work out so well).

You’re on the right track, just keep going :slight_smile:


@Kish Hmm, it could be. I was just under the impression that Zepar and Sargatanas are traditionally more masculine and work for heterosexual men mainly, I did not take so long to get to know them before petitioning, so maybe next time I should try to understand them better. It is just strange because the people contacting me are interesting to talk to but definitely not what I am looking for, like only partially fulfilled my request.

@Veil I’ve actually been using your post to help reduce my lusting after results, so thank you for that post. I actually always give an offering before I even get anything fulfilled, mainly just to show that I have some level of trust and respect that my wish will be granted. I read that offering is not necessary at all so I usually give something small like alcohol, food, cigarette, incense, etc., but also essentially I will give my devotion and continue the relationship if it is fulfilled. My petition for contact was something along the lines of ___ initiates contact with me which leads to a sexual encounter, so maybe I will continue waiting, it’s been a week or less.

So it is likely better if I just meditate, change my mindset to “Good job so far, slightly adjust your aim” and continue trying to remove lust for results using your methods? Rather than make another petition or contact another entity?

Oh awesome, nice to know I might’ve helped someone with that thread :blush:

There are some entities I’ve done the same thing with (offerings before asking for anything, sometimes for a few days or weeks) so that’s a fine approach too.

In my own experience the majority of my petitions have taken a few weeks to up to a year to come to fruition. But again, results come through circumstance, so there are a lot of variables and factors to consider, and all of that needs to work itself out behind the scenes before anything shows up for you irl.

My take on results magick has changed a bit from when I first made that thread. If I were you, personally, I would not call the same demons to petition them again for the same task. If you have a method of two-way communication then you call them up to chat when you give an offering and reinforce what you want. But generally try and adopt the feeling of “this is happening to me right now”, feel grateful for it, and then just go about your daily life without thinking about when/how/where/why it will happen.

Hopefully that makes sense.