Backfire after goetic patchworking or paranoia?

Dear all,

I did my first ever goetic patchworking with the spirit called Haagenti, I asked for a change in personality , to be less anxious in social interactions and to be able openly interact with strangers. The results were spectacular, the very next day my social skills just improved dramatically… but the night I performed the ritual I couldn’t sleep until 2 am… this keeps going on 3 nights in a row, my heart beats so fast making it impossible to fall asleep on a reasonable time. As a result I feel tired The next day. Also, I noticed a loss in motivation for a particular project of mine, perhaps this is a result from lack of sleep or maybe related to the ritual?..

I seriously don’t know what to think or to do, maybe an offering is expected on my behalf?

On the other hand, I also noticed that my desire to seduce a particular woman got so much stronger than it used to be. We always appreciated each other but she already got a bf and recently delivered a child… so I prevented to perform any Magick as I didn’t want to destroy their family. But now I can barely resist the temptation to pathwork with Gremory to make her mine…


I assume that you will seek professional medical counsel if you should feel that your nightly heart palpitations are getting out of hand :slight_smile:

In my personal experience this could be the energetic residue of your ritual (which seems to work out fine so far?) . If I don’t ground myself properly after certain workings I am finding myself restless at night as well (especially if these workings are somewhat close to my usual resting time). Try to ground yourself, cleanse your space, “reset” your living space energetically to your liking. For me this does the trick, usually.

Seems as if your priorities shifted a little when you’ve lost your social anxiety. Maybe a part of you would like to explore your new fearless self a little more, testing it on a former person of interest might be some kind of “outlet” for this.

Without any more context I wouldn’t feel too concerned over your current experience. I had a blockage of a certain personality trait not that long ago. The blockage got removed and this personality trait went on a little party for a few weeks :slight_smile:


I’ve worked with Haagenti. In my experience she is gentle and motherly. I’d suggest you write out the words “spirit” “demon” “transformation” and then write out what you associate with these words. I suspect the solution lies there.
What does your spiritual hygiene look like?
It may be possible that Haagenti is trying to communicate with you, maybe she wants to work with you more or offer counsel.

I can barely resist the temptation to

Ah, this is not a coincidence. You face a temptation, and a spirit of alchemy/transmutation is reaching out. :thinking: Matters of self-worth, control, and domination seem connected to this.
Gemory is raw, love workings may express as two people showing the deepest of their wounds and not running from each other. It may be scary.


Well I hardly ever experienced this, and whenever I worked with angels at night I instantly fell asleep like a baby … it’s unusual, but sure if it keeps going on I’ll reach for medical help :slight_smile:

Thank you ! I’ll dig deeper into this and find a grounding meditation

Absolutely possible thank you for pointing this out

You got to feel her nicely! Unfortunately I made the pathworking ritual just as it’s explained in “goetic patchworking” from GoM, when I summon angels I can feel their energies, temperament, nature… whereas here I felt like someone answered my call and was just standing next to me, expecting to hear my wish, kinda like when Aladin used this magic lamp

I don’t have a practical spiritual routine , I just usually meditate daily on some gnostic chants and mantras. Usually work with angel/archangels but for so long I was attracted by Haagenti and also Ipos as they had those specific abilities, to provide personality qualities that I long for.

Could you please elaborate, will it makes us fall deeply in love ? I also selected her as she fits right into my context, where the target you desire is already in a relationship