Back with a vengence

Hi there you all, been missing you lot.

I have returned after some time away. I will spend some time adding some new material and discoveries in my journals and some occasional posts where I can help, in addition to fullfilling some agreements made in the past. I needed a break to sort out roadblocks in my current relationship in addition to my overall physical life. Being a full time student of magick and university level studies can be a bit much at times, esepcially while trying to have a functioning relationship with a person other than me that have zero intrest in these arts. I had to set some boundries between myself and the person I am living with, the general thing it was about was that I simply wouldn’t quit doing magick, which was perceieved as an incredibly weird thing to do overall. Let’s just say it took a while before a compromise was reached for now. I’ll have to see how it unfolds, that’s the overall reason why I left without getting into the specifics. I’ve returned because I couldn’t stay away from you as well contribute tp the great wrork :wink: . I’ll make up for some lost time in my journals.

Great to see you again! :slight_smile: