Back to basics?

So I have been involved in the occult for about 8 months. I have evoked a few times successfully but due to my living situation and living in a world of cement i cant materialize yet, no big deal. All i need is a candle and myself to evoke.

Currently I have only sucessfully done one spell

I experience ectoplasm often

I have made contact with spirits

I can raise energy pretty well

Right now as a beginner I am a bit stuck. Do you all suggest practicing divination, if so, what is good to begin with? I dont exactly understand what to do to practice divination…

Should I practice excelling in my energy work?

Can you vets guide me as to what should be practiced and learned first to successfully cast spells and increase my overall inner power to manifest changes that I want?

Any advice is appreciated…


IMO you need a mentor, a spirit (god, demonic King, whatever) to help you find focus and to lead you through your evolution and ascent, or whatever your personal goal is.


I was just thinking about somebody like you!

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LOL, I thought he was being all meta for a second. It turns out he’s kinda like me.




I saw this again, I thought I’d create a more in depth answer. Yes, you should. It is a life saver. Find a divinatory system that you connect with, be it runes, tarot or whatever.[quote=“Rcs4215, post:1, topic:14365”]
I dont exactly understand what to do to practice divination

Go ahead and ask questions, then we can answer and give you more in-depth solutions.[quote=“Rcs4215, post:1, topic:14365”]
Should I practice excelling in my energy work?

I won’t lie, specializing in it is useful, or even just having a good grip on it.


Thanks for the help. What do you mean by ask more questions? To you, or during divination workings?



I even bought he divination portion from EA… But I still don’t know what I should be asking, or to whom. Just play around with a oujia board maybe and see what I can pick up? That a good recommendation in your opinion?

I definitely thoroughly enjoy energy working, something that you can physically feel and know its there peaks my interest obviously.

But I guess what I really want to know, is which I should be doing first. My biggest question is, is there an order in which one should be going 1st to last. I’m so scattered. One night I am doing energy work, next night I evoke, following perhaps trying to scry… I would like to concentrate and master one, then go to the next. But I feel as though there is a step by step way that should be followed first. Or do you think not really?

No. That actually is not a good idea. They’re very inaccurate and can lead to unsavory events. If you don’t really know try tarot or runes. But I highly recommend finding something you connect with.[quote=“Rcs4215, post:10, topic:14365”]
One night I am doing energy work, next night I evoke, following perhaps trying to scry.

It’s ok to do multiple things, just make sure you can keep up with it. For example, I really wanted to do Norse Magick but Lovecraftian Magick was really in my face BUT I also really needed to do energy work and revisit the basics so what I did was delve into Lovecraftian Magick and started practicing The New Energy Ways System by Robert Bruce, as well as studied the basics of the Occult. Does that make sense? Basically I took different subjects and put them on my plate and pushed the rest aside for when im done, so I can revisit them later, without biting off more than what I can actually chew.

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The thing is, the Occult is very chaotic, it makes you do a lot of things at once in order to get anything significant, in my experience.

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Ok great so that is 1 good piece of advice because I was not sure if I could get into several things at once.

LOL I just got that back and started a few days ago. I also got the new hermetics book which is also great. However they really require you to practice practice practice, so obviously I am wondering which is best to do first? I started working with Belial more frequently and asked him to mentor me. Yes it is quite chaotic I agree, which is what is pulling me in all different directions. My ultimate goal is to manifest my spells. If you had to teach yourself when you first started the first thing to get good at, what do you think that would be?

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Well I have a question, in order to answer that question. By teach myself something, do you mean a path, like the Norse path? Or a form of magic like protection magic, binding, etc.?

Not path, I think we all need to choose our own paths. What I mean is… and this is what I assume, we all need specific understandings and skills to perform spells. Would you tell yourself to learn energy work first? Or would you tell yourself to learn divination? Or anything else I am not naming. Like if you have to write a Magick for Dummies book, what would be chapter 1? I’m really trying to figure out where to start.

Like I said, my main goal now are for my spells to actually work. I can evoke, make requests and they sometimes happen. But I want want the power to make the changes in reality without having to ask something else for it. Does that make sense?

I can agree on paths. I’d actually tell myself a lot, but what I can say publicly, is I’d tell myself to do the following: Learn how to protect yourself throughly and to watch my back, not everyone has my best interests at heart (both magickally and physically), I’d tell myself to learn energy work, and of course, learn divination, it really is a life saver and to focus on my personal power and to learn trad. Craft.[quote=“Rcs4215, post:15, topic:14365”]
I’m really trying to figure out where to start.

We all have that rough patch when we start. The answer, is likely in front of you, but you just haven’t noticed it yet. [quote=“Rcs4215, post:15, topic:14365”]
But I want want the power to make the changes in reality without having to ask something else for it. Does that make sense?

Two things: spell craft and personal power.

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Thanks Bro, I REALLY appreciate the time.


Shut off whatever device you’re reading this with. Then, un-focus your eyesight, so that your vision becomes blurry. You shouldn’t be able to read. Stare at the center of the black screen, and try to look behind and inside it.

Ask yourself, under your breath, “What method of divination should I begin practicing?”

Keep watch of your feelings, and if you start to see any colors or shapes in the blur, examine them in depth. Do this for at least twenty minutes. An answer in the form of sensory input will either arrive, or you will dream the answer.



“How should I begin my path?”

“What spirits should I work with?”

“What currents resonate with me?”

“Are there any spirits that need to pass a message to me?”

“What is the most effective way of increasing my power and manifestation abilities?”

Just to think of a few. As for who to ask, either ask yourself, or ask the universe. Everything knows, well, everything.


However, evoking something into one…

In the past week, I have employed at least six currents, some for different tasks and some for the same.

Well there’s your problem. You’re “requesting”, which is dependent on the spirit.

If you have a fully formed ritual pattern, and ask a spirit to disperse it for you, you’re much more likely to get volunteers rather than ask them to build the spell in the first place.

You do that by either using materials, or plugging in the energies yourself. I recommend the former since you’re new.

The Circle is a theater, a hole in the hologram. You can translate your will through the hole by symbolically projecting your intention, in other words, a ritual.