Back to basics

I’m going to start practicing evocation from square one. Who should I start with?



Is there anything special I should consider in the evocation?

Define special. Have you evoked before or is this really your first time?

I’ve got the sigil pulled up . . . I think my issue is I’ve been trying to evoke obscure spirits, and there’s results, but they could be better. I figured I’d get better results with someone more ubiquitous. Would some kind of offering help? I’m trying to work on some writing, making money. I think I need more practice for a spirit I’m trying to contact that’s more obscure. A skadegamutc of some kind, the ghost of an Abenaki shaman or sorcerer.

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Well if your goal is making money, I’d suggest a spirit that’s in the sphere of Jupiter. An offering would be nice. However Lucifer can still help with monetary issues.

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You could start evoking planetary spirits or the Olympic spirits.

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I’ve had a little success with Bethore.