Back to back astral evocation?

hey guys. not sure if this is the correct place to post my experience but eh here goes.

so about 2 days ago i went to bed and accidentally astral projected or dreamt not quick sure and saw about i assume 4 spirits. the first one was just like a head but with like black eyelids but in the middle it would look like fire shining through. i spoke to it and didn’t fear and and asked for like guidance. (i’m kinda in between figuring out if i should evoke my ancestors you know and find out if they are angry at me etc) but this spirit didn’t like give me really direct advice probably because i couldn’t hear it correctly. next thing you know we were in some sort of disagreement and then it appeared to have legs coming at me like attacking me. next thing i do is while it’s coming at me i drew a pentagram in the air in front of it not to attack me and it stopped. i woke up from that with like kind of fear. (also have no idea why i would draw a pentagram… probably because i’ve been practicing the lbrp for protection)

the other two spirits happened the same night after the first experience and i was sort of like in this back yard of a family member’s of mine. i said in a circle with a triangle in it with someone else (who kinda came off as a mentor as it felt like) and we were like meditating it seems in front of this big wooden tree and on this tree there were two figures like blended in on this tree. when i would look at it then it would move quick and then stop then i’d tell my mentor or this person look they are moving. next thing you know the one got off the tree which was kind of like a big being standing before me. i didn’t fear it i just couldn’t make out what it’s saying. next thing the other one got off the tree and was like a midget being and we were dancing in this circle and this midget being was the friendly one that i picked up on in this dream. when i looked where this mentor person was he was just gone when all of this happened. i thought that was a bit weird and it ended there.

this morning was a quick one. i think i astral traveler again and i could see like dream like i’m getting out of my body but kind of like when you get possessed when you can see your body floating. and then boom i think i did an evocation or something but i couldn’t tell on what spirit or being am focusing on evoking. and within seconds i heard “hello i am here” in a whispered but static like voice.
i asked “who are you and what is your name” kind of like trying to make sure who this really is. i got a weird name and don’t remember hearing this name before. i asked again but it felt like it got annoyed but i was just trying to play it safe and then boom it seems as though i broke out of hearing the spirit and then i just woke up but with fear.

i apologize that this is so long but i just wanted to share my experience. any input or advice would be appreciated as i am still new to this. thank you.

Nothing to add really. You are making progress. Nothing abnormal here. Continue as you are. The fear will fade as you progress.

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