Back pain, Kek memes and astral visions

Hey everyone, felt like sharing something interesting. So last night I had woke up around 1:30 a.m. to my back having gone out. Fun stuff. So I managed to roll my ass off the couch and moved around a bit trying to find some relief. I had the brilliant idea to use my pain as a shift in consciousness to do some kind of working. I puttered around on the forum a bit then had an overwhelming urge to listen to the Shadilay song on YouTube.

So I watched a few Kek meme Shadilay music videos and laughed my ass off even though it hurt. I then went on to watching videos of people discussing meme magic and saw a picture of King Bael. I had been trying to work with King Bael lately and I thought of the synchronicity of the Kek memes and the picture of the three headed King Bael with the toad being one of the heads.

Watching this video I began drifting off into a wakeful sleep. With my eyes closed, I began receiving a vision of walking along a cobblestone road. The field of view was rather narrow, but I could clearly see this. At first this vision was passively coming to me and I wasn’t trying to control it, but I then tried to interact with it by changing direction and looking around.

Mind you, this whole time I am still aware of my body and surroundings, including my cell phone I was still holding in my hand. Once I began interacting with this vision, my body began vibrating and I felt the swirling sensation I get right at the onset of astral separation.

Now I didn’t achieve full separation. I found this out when I tried to evoke King Bael. When I tried to speak his name I had great difficulty. Upon trying harder I managed to speak, but with my physical self. I heard myself sleep talking :confused:

So nothing absolutely astounding to report here, other than this marks my second recent noteworthy astral experience.


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Shadilay! :heart:

The power of Our Lord of Hop, Hope, and Joyous Laughter knows no bounds, and those who feebly attempts to oppose Him will be stricken and broken!

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