Back after a while still trying to get this right

Dear all,

I’ve been an on and off magician for some time now. I bought some of EA’s courses and read lightly on his material. My first couple of attempts at evocation failed miserably. It was basically me sitting in a circle focusing intently on the sigil not getting anywhere. I decided to call it quits and give up.

Recently due to some circumstances I’ve decided to give it another go. I took my time reading E.A’s book Questing After Visions and realised I’ve done the whole thing incorrectly. I’ve completely ignored the section where he talks about brainwave states. I’m referring to the Theta brain wave states. So with my new knowledge I decided to meditate everyday for 30min. At first it felt strange and got no where but yesterday I had this freaky feeling of losing my balance and total awareness of my body to the point of blacking out. I also felt like I left my body for a minute there. I freaked out so I woke up in my body.

I’m not an expert at this so I would like to consult some of the senior mages for help and knowledge. From my currently understanding I’m assuming that I have to get my brain and physiology to the “theta” brain wave state, HOLD it there and trigger the “gamma” state and that is where I’ll be able to access the powers of evocation, divination and soul travel. Have I got this right? S

So for example in the case of evocation; you would have to keep your eyes open to meditate get your brainwaves to that state then contact the entities you’re trying to call. I mean I just managed to reach the state for a split second with my eyes closed. It would be near impossible for me to reach the state with my eyes open. Damn…I really envy the advanced users of magic. Thank you for reading my thread and feel free to comment or leave any advice. I will greatly appreciate any feedback, correction or advice. Thank you all


You are on the right track. When you get to a point where you can get into that state easily, learn to hold it for longer periods. When you can hold it for a time easily begin practicing opening your eyes once state has been achieved. Over time you should be able to make the shift to achieving state and maintaining with open eyes the entire time. Things will really light up for you when you can move around in state and not break it. That is where I am currently stuck and it is limiting my progress because as soon as I try to jot a sigil signature or anything else manual I snap out of it. Awesome, though. I am excited for you.



Thank you for your clarification and encouragement. It is good to know that I am doing the right thing from a more skilled Mage. I wish you the best of luck with your magical Ascent. Thank you.