Back after a long much needed break. Entering a path working with Belial

I took a much needed break from practicing after talking to several on here as I’m still only about a year or so into practicing and had bit off more than I could chew, had way too many open sigils, never banished and ended up with a couple of parasites hanging around.

I spent time cleansing my self and the area by doing the LBRP.

I’ve also spent time everyday just meditating without doing and kind of rituals of any sort.

I’m back and after some legal troubles and a strong pull towards Belial and his previous help with others legal troubles I drew his sigil in my journal and chanted his Enn. I spoke to Belial and wrote in my journal my request for help with my issue. The great King Belial came through very quickly. In short, my case is now on a deferred prosecution, and will completely go away as long as I follow through on my end. My offer was blood on his sigil.

My second time reaching out was not to ask anything of Belial but just to connect and feel his presence which I felt the air very heavy, a lot of pressure in my head and my ears started to ring. It was a great experience and I have a plan on a long path working with King Belial.

My third evocation was last night, now with a new place to live, I am more free now to do rituals than before. I still don’t have a proper room for a temple but my wife is supportive of my path and doesn’t have a problem with me doing rituals in our living room…as long as I do it right this time and don’t get careless as I did before. I lit a Frankensence incense stick for Belial, meditated on his sigil while listening to his Enn on a popular YouTube channel and reciting it in my head as well. Again, the air became very very heavy, almost made me feel weighted down, a lot of pressure in my head, ears ringing and almost like someone was ticking my third eye, something I’ve never experienced before. After meditating for about 20 minutes and gazing at his sigil I then spoke and wrote my request for his assistance in my journal, again an offering of blood on his sigil and my signature in my blood. As always I thank Belial for his presence and listening to my request, and voice how grateful I am for him coming to me. I ended the ritual, put my journal away and went about my evening.

I always let the insense sticks burn completely as I feel as tho prematurely putting them out would be disrespectful as I lit the stick for him and while I saw at my laptop with the insense burning near me, no fans on no breeze at all the insense smoke started towards me in a very interesting swirling pattern, almost like it was swirling into the horns I’ve seen depicted in some folks drawings of King Belial another very cool experience.

What I’m curious about is could the behavior of the smoke have been Belial telling me we aren’t done yet or just an acknowledgement of our ritual? I’ve never had insense smoke react after the ritual was done.

Love to hear thoughts on this and my experiences now that I’m back and I’m very glad to be back, I’ve missed the BALG community.