"Baby" witch

Hi there, do not know what to said.

I’m relatively new to the “Left hand path” but since late childhood (around 8) I found Catholicism as a big lie, I’ve wandered several paths and religions and stayed atheist for YEARS.

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon Reddit and began to be interested again in daemonolatry (as I was at adolescence)

I invoked Buné and the relationship is amazing, she’s gentle, caring, and I’m so fond of her. I’m making money, I’m good with plants now, everything is smooth and great.

I’ve seeing several spiders, butterflies and I feel attached to Lilith and Lucifer too.


Welcome to the forum!
Your altar is beautiful…


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum… well, we have the same cookies, I’m already liking you.


Welcome to the forum. :blush:


Welcome to BALG @Vanna.Roux We can be a bit crazy sometimes, but most of the BALG folks are like you, and on a path to become all we can be. Let us know if we can help. Good luck on your quest!


Welcome to the forum!
What a beautiful altar!
I also work with Lucifer, Lilith and Bune!!!
This new topic made me happy!!!

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Oh yes you definitely belong with us.

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The butterflies definitely reminds me of Lilith. Maybe she’s trying to tell you to embrace their rebellious nature of women in general. Lucifer has a real thing for beauty as well.

Try saying a few prayers to Lucifer, and see what Pops in your mind as a response. Just a thought. Welcome to the party.