Baby witch

i just need a bit of assistance… ive been practicing independently for about 2 years now, but i feel like a goddess has been calling to me. specifically astaroth. I did a basic evocation and got some solid responses from her, but i still have my doubts on whether she’s reaching out to me. what signs should i be on the lookout for?

Please elaborate a bit more in your introduction post. The only information we got for you is that you’re practising independently for 2 years.


You could ask her questions directly with the penny divination method


What, exactly, have you been practicing for two years? You have told us anything about what you have experience in,

It’s never that simple , you need to improve , you must learn addition before rocket science . Take precautions , try to get other mystics to bring messages from Astarot for you . Try different methods of contacting the spirit .