Baby satanist sorcerer looking for recourses✨

I sent you the message with the chart I cast and the rest of the information.

Don’t worry about praying every day if you don’t feel like it, by the way. This should be something to enjoy.

I have over 100 pdf books and still nothing too big and bad.
But I once downloaded and read a pdf of a necromancy book and that same night a dead spirit mocked me (both before I went to sleep and in my dream)
i deleted the book.
really i don’t know :roll_eyes:

literally same. i have a google drive w pirated shit. i’m fine.

My opinion there is so many different ways of going about starting it’s crazy. You’ll have some that won’t feel comfortable without the aid of angels and some (like myself) that will throw that out the window and dive in. Some will be more cautious and some more daring. So really it’s all up to you and your beliefs and how you feel about it. No matter with or without angels I suggest:

-Knowing your boundaries. What IS ok FOR you and what is NOT. Don’t get this mixed with old fear that you need to get over but simply what is right and not right. Even angels can cross these things. So in the beginning know what they are and make it clear what they are when starting to work with spirits.

-Building your senses. Build up your senses meaning your clairs. This will be a vital ground work to working with magic in general. You should not go into anything blind, deff or senseless.

-Build up basics. You should also build up your basics besides your senses. There are spirits that can help but it’s good to read up a bit before going in completely. But even after getting hold of your first spirit, focus on basics. (Don’t be me and go wild lol)

-Set up a space for you and your practice. It does not matter what you practice or how. Everyone has and needs a space that is their own to call that is safe and quite so that they can preform their workings not just right (meaning not having to worry about the kids running the house with a muddy dog or having loud noises that could affect your space. I understand some have little choice.) But pick a place that you know won’t or be less likely to be disturbed.

From this point decorate that space with things that will help with that current. It does not have to be fancy. Some just need a candle and incense. Some like it all out. The whole point is to have it where when you walk in you will be able to get into that state and feel empowered. Remember it is not the physical objects that is important but how it speaks to you.

-Spend time in your space. Find time to make up a routine. It doesn’t matter how long, short, big or small. Even E.A had posted about this and it’s a common practice for a lot of people in spirit. It helps them in the morning to get ready for the day, it helps ease their minds from the day to day activities that we have to do for a living. It brings us into that state where we put our physical lives on hold for that moment. So do a morning card pull. What is that card? Drink your tea or coffee while doing a daily card reading. Maybe catching up on a reading from one of your books? Do some yoga, meditation or take that morning jog. What ever it is I suggest a morning and evening routine. Work over nights? Just switch it up then.

-know once your in your in until you say so. Meaning even in the beginning, as you look at sigils and feel the book’s energies in your hands. Once you open your self to it, your in it. By taking the steps to say “Hey I want this.” You started it already. So do not be surprised if you start to get guidance to tools and knowledge for you to use even before you think you started and who knows maybe it was the spirits that nudge you to reach out!

There is many tips on here but these are my few. Along with keep an open mind but not to open. But learn to tell when it’s you or spirit which you will be able to tell over time. :slight_smile: There is other articles on here that is grate for beginners.