I’m sure there are a lot of experts here and hopefully one of you can depart some information. For quite sometime now and I’ve been doing a lot of reaserch on this particular entity Baal. Enough reaserch to know that this particular entity can aid me with my current spiritual Journey. I even had a dream about him. unfortunately I can’t seem to fine EXACTLY what I’m looking to know about this entity, and that is (what is he like). I’m looking for some personally detail, I want him to come to life in my head first so I can get in to the preparatory immersion, can anyone share some experience with me perhaps tell me his personality… If he has one. I wanna know what to expect from him.

I’m not an expert but I’ve worked a bit with the entity Ba’el, who I first contacted via his sigil (this one) but I’m not sure that’s the same entity you’re enquiring after - the same one featured in this live evocation on E.A.'s YouTube channel?

Yeah that’s the one!!! Could your maybe tell me what he’s like? I wanna know what to expect. Thanks for responding

In my experience he’s polite, doesn’t play games, doesn’t seem bothered by me being dressed informally (or not at all recently while it’s been hot), and when I see him, he appears to me in versions of his cat/toad/man form, like this:

Sometimes with huge spider/tarantula legs, other times more like the lower half is concealed in a large robe. He feels very kingly, but he’s never requested me to use that title (unlike King Paimon, who requested that honorific).

As I posted in another thread, he gave me a new version of his name, Ba’oahi, and a new sigil which he also said it’s okay to share:

I trust Ba’el - things he’s told me, including things I had no way of knowing or guessing, happened exactly as he said, and all my experiences with him have been positive.

Wow this was very interesting :slight_smile: thank you for sharing all of that detailed info. It was really helpful