Ba'al...My weird experience and Might need some help

Hello, I have been searching pretty much all day to find out your guy’s experiences with Ba’al. But I also have a question.

Background: I had many experiences with an unknown entity, so one day I started meditating and I let whatever entity that was messing with me to possess me (I was a novice) and who I know now as Ba’al possessed me and he now possesses me whenever he pleases. He says he marked me when I was a baby, which I found proof of. and 2 weeks ago he cut me off from my succubus

Well today he possessed me and told me to hold still, so I did and he cut and healed me in the blink of an eye, but now it has a scar on it. This is a little weird

Question: Is he as possessive with you guys as he is with me?


i havent called him since i first began, however i can confirm that he is secretive and a little bit controlling


Cool, after I made this topic he told me that I was his, it scared me a little cuz I was trying to take a nap b


Many spirits can be possessive, both because that may be their nature, but also because it could be what you want. For others a deep sense of freedom is needed in order to trust and not feel smothered. He visits my dreams sometimes, always with a deep sense of affection. Like a very old and beloved friend who you have incredible platonic/familiar intimacy with. He’s never been controlling with me, then again that’s the quickest way to get me either hostile or disappearing from the situation. That’s basically the only way to get me mean. If I feel pinned or trapped I get beyond nasty.

I gave him a pretty bright orange calendula the first time I talked to him. Recently I haven’t spoken to him, but a few weeks ago I found those same flowers scattered around my doorstep. They grow wild around here and the apartment children pick them sometimes. I thought it was sweet, and I reached out a bit during meditation to thank him. He’s a VERY attractive male in his prime, but he gives off a strong and loving/protective grand patriarch vibe for me.


He physically cut you? Like for no reason? Why would he do that? Doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd/unhealthy? If that were a human, that’d be pretty poor behavior (unless you’re in some kind of BDSM relationship—is that something you consent to with spirits)?

I’ve consented to something like that with Satan, but it’s mostly psychological, and more about domination than pain. Nothing that extreme happens to me physically, but when change is needed, spirits will give me noticeable health problems to force me to make needed improvements in my life. (Get me to exercise, get sunlight, improve diet, take supplements, separate me from people who are bad for me, etc.) They do this with my health particularly so that I catch and correct problems before they turn into something I’d need to see a doctor for.

I don’t think I’d be able to put up with somebody who randomly cuts me for no reason, except to show ownership. Or do you think he was doing it to show you his healing powers?

I don’t even think it’s a very good way to develop, claim, or show ownership. I think that can only be done sexually. And it should be something enjoyable, not something you doubt so much you have to ask people about it.

(To me, all entities are ultimately Satan, so that’s why I’m talking about Satan instead of Ba’al specifically.)


I’m pretty sure he’s been coming to me for awhile now for whatever reason, but like others have said, he’s not given me that type of vibe at all. My experience has been more like others have said, he feels more like a kind/wise grandfather like figure to me.

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I can’t even get Ba’al to show :sweat_smile:

I communicated with him a while back not much of interactions but I do intend to work with him.

Sounds like you’ve found your Patron. All the best with your relationship with him :heart: