Baal Kadmon Don't use his JINN book!


I used it and a dog bit me a black dog jinn are asociated with dogs so do not use it I just wanted to point this out there!
I used it a few months before.


It sounds like coincidence.


maybe yes but a dog never bit me in my whole life


This is less jumping to conclusions and more taking a rocketship to conclusions


I post this as a warning it may be a coincidence it may be not.


there are no protections in the book and you want things from the jinn without offerings


I don’t think Superman could make a leap like that in a single bound. Fucking hell… :expressionless:


Can you give more details? What was your target and why do you think the djinn is now attacking you?


Well I mean… you can’t exactly control the outcome of a Djinn’s wishes / rituals. It even says so in all texts about them. You can just hope that you get what you thought you wanted. As for the dog, it’s probably just fear relating to coincidence.


mhhhhhhh well mostly when start to use magic, anything bad that will happen you will blame on the magic you did…
even damon brand explained it once…so just consider it a normal coincidence


Likely no, but you are currently building the road for them to do as they please in the future.


I personally have worked with this book and have summoned jinns according to the rituals given.
I must say I had pretty nice results.
The offerings are actually the stones which you bind these entities IMO.
I had dreams with dogs and snakes after performing some of the rituals there.
When I banished the jinns, I stopped to have these dreams.


Did you ask your tarot before doing the rituals with the jinn? These are very powerful beings. By divination use the name of the Jinn and ask the tarot if he is ok for you.


no I didnt


please explain sir ^-^


I think thats the part most people forget when working with the djinn. You need to banish them after their use is outlived or they will attempt to manipulate you. I’ve seen it a lot in the Florida occult scene.