Azreal and samael

So what is the difference between these two if there is. Becuase Ive read that both have the title of angel of death and I’m curious if one is a false title.

Samael is a angel of death in jewish lore who fell, while Azrael is a reaper of death who has never fallen. Azrael is often equated as a entity that is not wholly considered part of Yahweh’s family like Michael, Zadkiel, Gabriel, and Samael (once upon a time)


Ah okay, that makes sense. So basically samael is a fallen angel but marks the targets, while azreal actually kills them. Am i correct?

No, Samael is “Poison of God” or “Venom of God” he was a destroyer for God, while Azrael helps souls move on to their afterlife.

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Oh okay thank you it makes more sense now.

Samael is not considered to have “fallen” like the others. He joined them voluntarily out of compassion, as the story goes. Personally I don’t see pissing Yahweh off as “falling” anywere.

In lore, he’s sort of both “demon” and “angel” for this reason. He’s also not the same as other “angels”, having 12 wings not 6 like the Seraphim. He’s unique and I personally consider him a deity on a level with Belial and Lucifer, the level Yaweh would like to tell everyone he his and actually isn’t capable of.

At no point does being loyal or allied with Y make any daemon at that level “under” him in reality, you have to very careful reading the xtian version and most of it is very confused, deliberately warped to the rogue Yahweh’s desires, or merely wishful thinking on the part of human controllers that used the stories to keep power. It’s kind of sick, so watch yourself in those waters, question everything.