Azrael offerings

Hello people. Does anyone knows what kind of offerings does Azrael likes?

Idk why but chocolate comes to mind. Or might be because I’m hungry.

Red Wine never fails if you can obtain it. Graveyard dirt. Ask him.


Since he is a death spirit he would like offerings like

  • Bones
  • Graveyard Dirt
  • Graveyard Candles

and Blood and semen.


I’ve had good responses with Red Wine, Franensence oil, meals that I made with him. He wants me to give blood but I’ve never given it to him.

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I’m not sure about the blood I think thats good offering but I’m not experienced with cutting myself :smile: or maybe I can get it from somewhere?

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It should be yours and I haven’t given any either lol.

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You only need a drop and a diabetic lancet is good for it. Should you decide to. But I stopped offering my blood.


Ahh In that case I’ll use red wine

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Angels don’t typically ask for offerings, though they do appreciate them. Usually a sincere “thank you” is all they really want.

Actually, spiced coffee is coming to mind. Looks like I know what my next offering will be. Personally, I burn frankincense and give him my blood.

Micro-needles are great for blood, it’s pretty painless and there’s no cutting involved. Just a quick poke or 2, and you get enough blood. No worries about cutting too deep, or hiding any scars or need to care for healing wounds!

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