Azra'el Introduction

Hello. I am Azra’el. Angel of death. Ferrier of souls to their next life. Do not count on me telling you the when and/or how of your death. I wont. Do not count on me to kill an enemy. I wont.

Welcome. Please do a proper introduction, and tell us about you, and any magical experience you may have. We don’t care what you call yourself, but this kind of crap is NOT a proper introduction.

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…Not sure if troll or roleplayer.


or LARPer.

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LARPers are people who go outside in full costume and roleplay.

This would just regular text-based roleplaying.

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We don’t know if he goes out and roleplays, or just text based roleplay.

True. But if he were roleplaying online, then he would be just regular roleplaying, not LARPing.

Exactly, we don’t know if it’s purely online.

Ohhh okay, I see what you’re saying. :grin:

Anyway, back on subject… could be one or a troll. Especially since that video came out and we’ve been warned about potential trolls.

Exactly. Skeptical BALGian is skeptical.

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Especially since this isn’t the first time that someone has introduced themselves as being a major spirit. Like that one guy who claimed he was the Archangel Gabriel simply because his parents named him Gabriel.

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Delusion or troll? Who knows? Who cares?

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I often tell others that I identify as a 19 year old Chinese female. I enjoy saying this over the phone in my baritone voice.


My vote is troll lol


Cam we feed him?

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