Azazel's Sigil... and information on them

New to the form and here’s thy New Sigil(Logos) as a Folder Icon
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Updated Version…
sigil (n.)
“a sign, mark, or seal,” mid-15c., from Late Latin sigillum, from Latin sigilla (neuter plural) “statuettes, little images, seal,” diminutive of signum “identifying mark, sign” (see sign (n.)). In astrology, an occult device supposed to have great power (1650s).

*sekw- (1)
sequel; sequence; sequester; sigil …
noun: sigil; plural noun: sigils

an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.
    a seal.
    "the supply wains bore the High King's sigil"
    a sign or symbol.

From my own understanding(standing under the authority of something or knowing) and past experiences within other places these things(logos and Sigils) has more power and meaning the more an individual puts more Magic(k)al energy or vibrations into these things,(emotions, experiences, memories, etc), and note Sigils and objects can be used ot store ones memories or other things comes in handy now and again.

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