Azazel's ritual of Empowerment

Hello Everyone,
Onion here.

I wanted to share with you all a ritual given to me by Lord Azazel. It is a ritual of empowerment, and also works on mentally releasing blockages (does not mean you can skip the shadow work that is due).

Materials required: a big white or black candle. a big one so you don’t burn your hands.

The preparation

For this, you will be required to invoke your higher self/godself.

After achieving trance state, in the moment of feeling the power surge, take the candle, light it, hold it tightly in your dominant hand. Speak the following words from your abdomen, let it vibrate throughout your body.

The fire carries your intention out to the universe, and lets the Universe bring it to you. Visualize it in a cycle of power that increases exponentially with each word, each line. Sort of like sending a wave of energy out with a line, feel it (if you don’t, know it is) multiplied when it comes back to you.

The words

I am the moans you muffle with your hands
I am the screams you shout from your lungs in pain
I am what you hide but want the world to see
I am everything that is meant to be.

I am whole
I am complete
I am everything that is meant to be

I am the future that I mould.
I am the reality that I create.
I am all that I hold.
I am all that I make.

I release me
I release my potential.

I release me.
I release my inhibitions.

I release me.
I release myself from mortal definitions.

I am the beyond
I am the within.

Unto me,
Is power.

Unto me,
Is dignity.

Unto me,
Is wisdome.

Unto me,
Is divinity.

The candle needs to be burned down completely. You can either let it continue to burn down after the ritual or store it later to light it when a ritual needs an extra boost of energy. The candle is a physical anchor of your power, it stores the limitless potentials. If you store it, make sure to not mix it with other candles, or keep it in a way the energy doesn’t mix with other candles. But, it is your candle now. What I mentioned is just what I was told. The purpose to keep it separate is to make sure the candle has your energy and yours alone.

This ritual, I have done myself astrally. I have not yet had the chance to freely do it because of personal circumstances. It was a thrill to channel it, and a thrill to write.

@Mike_Bee has also done it and had good results with it.

This is all there is. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. And if you do this ritual, do let me know how the experience was.

Every single word of the ritual has been spoken by Azazel. I have written it down verbatim.

Till next time :wave:


Yeah this was a cool ritual. To me it felt alot like bornless. The part where you connect with your inner divinity.

Rock n roll @Onion

Thanks for sharing this.




Absolutely beautiful @Onion
Amazed by you’re magick as always.


Thank you so much :pleading_face: :purple_heart:


Superb ritual @Onion I’m bookmarking this and trying it out soon.

Do i need a Banishing and casting a circle before?


Nothing extra needed. The first and main step is to invoke your higher/god self, so whatever your routine is/what you usually do, it will be enough.


Thank you! Do share your experience with it :purple_heart: