Azazels promise being kept

The Workings of this year and many years before have taken fruit.
Azazels and Paimons Work bare into new Economical changes.

Note that “Next Week”, actually point’s to recent week.

It has been enrolled.

The new econimic System of Silver City is in Play by now.
It will be transformed into a Gold System, which is several Dacades down the Raw.
The most accurate rating i found was 30 Years.
However, i don’t want to consider that a fixed number.
As i just don’t accept giving that amount of power or acknowledgement into it.

[Moderation Note: This topic ties between Technology and Divination. While i had an urge to put it into Psionics, Chaos Magick and Technology, i consider it much more relevant to Divination.
Since the changes that are coming up, are to be revealed. End of Modification Note.]




Yeah I’m not mega-obsessed with moving things into categories, unless they’re clearly mislabelIed, and for this, guess we’ll see how things work out! :thumbsup:

Praise Kek! :zap: :frog: :zap:


Thank you, Lady Eva.

Starting a Meditation on Protecting Prince Salamon tomorrow Night.

Gonna have to do some Invokations. :smiley:

The Sentance “complete failure” made me very Courios!

I believe he actually has a good deal of his plans to reveal and unleash yet.


Interested on your favorites among the mentioned Princes.

Also interested who considers him to be a clever and adjustive Planing Person.