Azazel's message to our own power

“with your miracle of YOUR OWN will power you can climb any mountain fight anything and become everything will and will shall be power and power,you must realise that power comes in many forms,destructional and creational and you used both,you killed what was going to kill you,yourself the old self is the only distraction and limit,i am limitless you are limitless”- azazel


good message, but, Azazel is EVIL or NOT?


“i am no evil nor good,judgement and beliefs create these concepts,i am my essense i am my self i am my truth”


The good and evil thing blinds you from truth.


That depends on what you mean by evil. Is revelling against a tyrannical authority evil?

The first (and last time) that I evoked Azazel because I was quizzical if my practice of only working with angels was holding me back and if I should work with demons as well or instead. And his answer surprised me, he told me not to work with angels or demons, but that “The Slavic blood of my ancestors cries out.” Imploring me to abandon demons and angels all together for the Bogi (Gods) of Slavic paganism.

That is good, reconnecting with my heritage has been one of my best decisions.


Good and evil is just a matter of perspective. Hypothetically speaking, if you and I were enemies, we may see each other as evil and ourselves as good. Which one of us would be correct? Well, that would be a matter of opinion. But again, which opinion would be right, yours or mine? It’s all about perspective.


‘’ tree is recognized by the fruit ‘’
I’m not a Christian, it’s just my opinion, Azazel only appears to the people who call him, he respects free-will this is a good thing! and this is a fact, if azazel teaches how people to see that they are powerful and that they can be as great as he someday (who knows?) then he is a good spirit.