Azazel's Liquid Black Flame (recipe)

Today Azazel gave me a recipe for Liquid Black Flame in a physical matter to add to whatever you so wish. There may be other recipes out there, this is just one I received from him.

At the end of the post is a Youtube video to the full ritual. It’s very simple andlots of people will have these ingredients already in their home!

You will need:

  • A large, deep bowl. (I used a mixing bowl, for like baking stuff)
  • Cold Water (specifically, cold)
  • Activated Charcoal (I used 7 capsules, which is 1.82 grams)
  • Kosher Salt (or table salt)
  • Distilled or Filtered Water (no tap water! I used about 300ml or just over a cup)
  • A bottle or jar that you can write on
  • A Black marker
  • Something to stir with, and point with. I used a plastic straw.
  • A large piece of paper or cardboard to write on, needs to be bigger than your bowl as you’ll be putting your bowl on the inner circle of the sigil)
  • A towel (maybe, you’ll be putting your hand in the water)

Add the activated charcoal to your water with a pinch of salt, mix really well. Azazel instructed to not use anything other than salt. Best to wash your hands before starting, you will be putting your hand into the water, and you can drink this in very small amounts if you wish. This liquid Black Flame is best used in death and black magick endeavours, especially with death of the self and stripping away what’s no longer needed.

You may scrye into the water first, I had some interesting visions appear as I focused in on the centre of the black flame sun, but this step isn’t necessary.

First, draw the sigil on the paper or cardboard in this SPECIFIC ORDER:

  • The outer circle
  • The snake and it’s head
  • Innermost circle (the tiny one by the snake)
  • Middle circle
  • The left side symbol
  • Right side symbol
  • The words “Hol’tha thor Azazel” going clockwise between the two outer and middle circles.

NOTE: I’m not sure why I was instructed to use “Hol’tha thor” instead of Halah’thor, but at this point the writing and words were automatic, so I didn’t bother to question it. Maybe it has a deeper meaning that I wasn’t ready to learn yet.

Place the bowl on top of the sigil, lining it up with the inner circle. Always stir the water counter clockwise. Take your bottle filled with distilled water, and draw the symbol below on the bottle.

Then, take your pointer item and place gently on top of the water, pointing at 12. Place the symbol above’s energy in the colour green (or red or blue/black) at the 12 mark. Do one full counter clockwise circle and stop at 11, again placing the symbol in energy on the water’s surface. Do this until you have gone around the full clock, ending at number 1, end with a final stir of the water.

Now take the distilled water bottle, and fill the entire bottle with the same energy as you placed on the bowl water. If you wish, place the bottle over a light source such as a candle or flashlight and use the light to charge it further.

Now pour the water in the bowl, starting at the 12 position and moving counterclockwise, doing 12 full circles of pouring. Add more salt, again starting at 12 and going around, only once for the salt.

Now take your right hand, and place it almost touching the water surface, feel the power of the black depth beneath it, wanting and wishing to crawl out and touch your skin.

Stick your hand deep into the water, fully submerged. Feel the black flame coat and absorb into your skin, into your bones. KEEP BREATHING. With each breath, pull the black water up through your bones and skin, keep going until your entire body is filled with black liquid. You should feel it swirling inside you, feel it dripping out your eyes, nose and mouth. Hold it there until the energy settles, and your body can’t absorb anymore. Release your hand from the water, and keep it palm up, facing you. You should feel, and in most cases see the sigil we drew etched and burned into your palm.

You now have control over this liquid black flame, and can use it at will to help with your energies and magick.

Take the bottle and fill it back up with the black water, I’d also suggest getting another jar or bottle (I used an old pickle jar, much to Azazel’s chagrin about it smelling like pickles lmao), and filling it full with the water. You don’t have to save all of it, just make sure any jars you use have the sigil on them as well.

Now let’s go over the purpose of all this! Liquid Black Flame can be used as a liquid enhancer for things such as:

Craftsmanship and making of jewelry and magickal items

Add this water to resins and paints, or dip your creations inside the water when charging and binding for added ‘oomph’. Best used with death and darkness.

Love and sex, such as adding a bit to water based lubricants (best mix beforehand)

This is also great to use in getting rid of unwanted ex’s or people. Use with other spells or rituals to rid yourself of unneeded ties.

Potency (this water is drinkable)

WARNING: Don’t drink a lot! Yes, Activated Charcoal is very much edible, but don’t go drinking 7 capsules worth, you won’t shit for a week.

Add a small amount (1-2 tbsp) to your other drinkable items. Drink 1 tbsp each morning and affirm with “Sul’tean Arskloh’tu” If you wish.

Creation, Willpower and Internal Flame Enhancer

Works great with having a bowl of it nearby for added energy when doing workings and rituals.

I hope you enjoyed the ritual, let me know how it went for you if you try it, and what uses you used the liquid in! Here’s the link to the video: Black Flame Guide (full ritual)