Azazel's Incantations for healing


Thank you for sharing this love :hearts:
Definitely gonna try it :slight_smile:


Can I get a healing for my acne problem because it been there for a long time and not going and I feel so embarrassed that I want to hide from the world my friends just laugh at me and is like I want to take my own life


I need healing for my worst acne and I feel like taking my own life because everybody looks at me different and laugh at me please if any one can help me I will appreciate it




What incantations


brah did you even read the thread?


Thanks for the incantation. How is it pronounced?


IMO its not about how you say it, aslong as you are trying to do it with the intentions its made for you should be fine.


you can use me just dont leave me dead


One of the most powerful encantations to let Azazel do his work will be, and restart the growth into Muladhara:

“Habracadabra, Mortus Capitulatus!”


of you’re still doing this, i’d appreciate if you could try it on me
alot of self doubt and negative overthinking has been bothering me for years and it’s time to get rid of that