Azazel's father


Does anyone here know anything about Azazel’s parents ?

Is he son of Satan and Lilith ?

Or son of Lucifer ?

Does anyone has any thoughts on his parents ?

Well, as I was reading on the Kabbala, the planetary intelligence of Saturn as pretty much the exact same sigil as Azazel. Maybe connect with the intelligence.

His grandfather is Baelzebub. But that is my own personal gnosis.


According to JOY OF SATAN that’s not true and he’s not Beelzebub’s grandson and he’s Satan’s son so I just wanted to see if it’s true or not

From my experience. …he and Baelzebub are related. I’ve never experienced anything to tell me one way or the other as far as Satan being his father but I personally don’t feel that they are.
Baelzebub is always close around Azazel and that would lead me to believe that they are related. THey are very close. He at the red string of fate ceremony with me and Azazel and gave me a gift.

but everyone experiences things differently.


Why not ask him


Just a random thought what if they’re two different aspects of the same being ?I mean Azazel and Beelzebub

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What if they were? Then perhaps the case would be that your mind could only recognize it as either.

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I did hear a few years ago that there was an entity named sin who was the father of the lower archtypes we know as gods such as lucifer astaroth azazel etc.

Joy of Satan really :man_facepalming:, look Azazel and Satan aren’t related any type of way trust me i’ve worked Azazel for 8 years he’s told me that Satan is being that is a mixture of the Abrahamic people’s fears and part of the ancient god Set.


Ok everyone I have a new thought

What if he’s son of the Islamic devil Ibliss ?

Wow that’s really interesting so SIN is kind of like a primordial god ?

I know what you mean but there is a being behind this form called Satan/Ibliss so if we consider this one a real being do you think that he’s related to Azazel ?

Hm… so its related to sitri?

Not trying to push anti semitic joyofsatan views i worked with both azezel and lucifer. Both very unique entitites.

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Sin is a entity created by idiots who believe there is such thing as sin.

The word sin is a shackle for your free will created by Abrahamic religions, this created a egegore entity that’s supposedly very adversarial.

Plus from what Azazel told me he is beyond, biological reasoning so he doesn’t have parents he’s a god who kept changing his masks.

He’s been beings like Prometheus, Azazel and there are a lot more.


I believe there are more then primordial gods beyond lucifer and the views of religion. There are endless godtypes that are beyond ancient

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There is no beginning nor end.

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Hey thats 4th demision physics talk lmao. But no seriously. I agree

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Correct this is why these beings create different masks to stay in our world they change according to the times and situations etc.