Azazel's effects

I want to hear about your experiences with Him as well as share mine. I love Him quite a lot and became very attached to Him maybe because I relate to a lot of aspects of Him and share His Zodiac.

After first contacting Him and saying I wanted Him in my life and to work with Him in the future, I experienced what felt like an illness or possession. Squirming and insomnia and pain both mental and physical. Some people had said the biggest thing to Him is having your ego broken, so I figured maybe something bad would hit me but it’d be worth it. I figured it would be a bad situation though, not a physical or mental reaction. I summoned Him during it and cried a lot. It was painful and started slowly the night before so lasted 2 days in total (lasting the next morning)

I only went through it once. I feel a very close bond to Him. He also makes the air filled with static and my hair staticy like a balloon rubbed against it.

What have your experiences been like? First contact or your relationship with Him?


My experience has been similar to yours. His energy does feel sort of static like, but another thing I noticed is that I felt hot and cold at the same time while in his presence. That night and for a few nights after, I had kind of a restless sleep, taking a long time to fall asleep, tossing and turning, feeling like I never went into deep sleep. For about threee days, I felt completely and totally exhausted, as if gravity were several times stronger than usual. I was seriously tripping over the ground because my legs felt so heavy that I was having trouble lifting them all the way when I’d walk. Afterwards though, I felt great. I have a chronic illness and noticed that my symptoms have decreased about 90%, and some days I don’t have symptoms at all. He never broke my ego, but that could also be because it’s the lowest it’s ever been in the past year or so (not a norm for me), so he may have taken notice to that. He pops in and communicates telepathically with me at times ever since I contacted him as well.


When I summoned him I felt very hot and the air around me felt charged. He felt extremely powerful and gave me the sense of needing to be straight to the point and not waste any time. I can appreciate that because I do not enjoy having my time wasted at all.


I always refer to it as his “hazing”. Lol.

I had Azazel around me for about a year now and in my experience he is the biggest tough lover there has ever been. Lately he keeps mocking my quickly deteriorating mental situation with ironic lines like " So you have 3 demons constantly around you but the extra voices in your head, THOSE drive you crazy?" and more personal stuff aiming right to the gut. He also might add hay to the flame, if you already are in a shitty spot emotionally or mentally he might just sit there and make it worse, at least he does it to me. He also loves being very cryptic just to lead me down a completely wrong path until i do something stupid so he can prove that some things are either simpler or more complicated than they seem. But at the end of the day he likes to get shit done, in all aspects. Do you feel like not going to the gym today? Azazel will be there to tell you how lazy you are and scoff in dissapointment. He also tried to scare me at the begining, whispering and making sounds in other rooms as well as surprise apparitions behind doors as I opened them. He also likes to challange my view of morality, right , wrong and neutrality. Also he’s got a lot to teach if you can keep up with him ,which sometimes i find difficult as his favorite issues to address are existence in all it’s forms, the universe as a whole, the concept of energy and power and many other things just as convoluted and confusing, but eventually i got to grasp his methods. He is also a very good story teller and has quite a few of them, depending on what you’re into. He used to tell me a lot of stories about all sorts of monsters and realms inhabited by all sorts of things and how they came to be. In case i forgot to mention he’s not keen on weakness of any kind and will try to make you the best you you can be. But he does appreciate confidence, not being pushed around and basically you doing whatever you want as long as you own up to it and admit when you do something wrong and see it for what it is (wrong as in despicable). In the end we struck a balance whereas he is more or less my roommate, but that’s just the way i deal with demons, i only work with 3 of them and link strong bonds with them until they just kinda hang around me all the time, of course this may differ in regards to how you treat demons, what i’m saying is that we don’t have a diplomatic relationship, it’s more of a “Bro can you not sit in front of the TV please for fuck’s sake” kinda deal, with the occasional seriousness when we need to get something done. I also think he 's a fan of Gordon Ramsey, he chuckles when i watch Kitchen Nightmares or Hotel Hell and Gordon starts throwing plates and being a general meme. I’m sure i missed a lot in this short post but i hope it helped.
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I oddly enough just did an evocation of Azazel and I feel a lot of sicknesses. Last summer I made a pact with him (I think it’s hazy honestly) for power and love and it was the worst half year I had but I learned a lot and I’m as motivated as ever. I did an evocation for something that he’s been pointing me to Azazel Evocation: Hail Azazel!
and afterward I do feel this sickness, It seems this is my start to really work with him.


Erm, if he isn’t trying to goad you into getting angry and standing up for yourself which he might… why on Earth are you putting up with this bullshit? Have some self respect, man, and maybe google how to set some relationship boundaries - he won’t learn if you don’t tell him what’s not ok.

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Honestly i would, but i feel like he’s entirely right. Sometimes people need to hear or feel something they might not want to in order to get over situations. Lately he mocks me missing my ex. From a relationship that ended 2 years ago, and who is the person that literally surfaces the worst in me, and one of the main reasons why i don’t want to even get back in the fuckin country anymore just because i know i’ll have to see eye to eye with her again, and apparently almost surely cheated on me. So everything he says is one hundred percent true, I shouldn’t lose sleep over her , or even care at all for that matter. I might not like to hear what he says but afterall not hearing it might do more harm than forcefully hearing it. Sometimes it be like that. That’s what i would expect from my human friends too.


He’s a big boy you don’t have to defend him. He can be a right ass when he wants, selfish too, and he knows it. Can’t we all?

I don’t know. First of all, you didn’t say he pointed out painful truths, you said he mocked you and made things worse - those aren’t the same thing. Secondly, there are no ‘shoulds’. Azazel is the first to say there are no rules, so there is no such thing as what you should and should not do, it’s your life, if you want to wallow in that emotion a bit that’s your prerogative. Maybe you’re learning something from it? I do think, he wouldn’t know unless you told him. Lucifer reads people really well, ime, Azazel not that much, you have to tell him.

A thing I’ve found is, a lot of these beings and especially Azazel when they first get to know you, are following a set of assumptions about what humans are like, and when you fall outside that set they don’t always know what to do with you, and you’re more work to deal with. Then comes the real work of building a relationship, which I’m bad at, to be fair, and I don’t care if that means he’d rather work with someone else who’s easier. He’s a little too human for me with his whole sexual interest lark, which I find pointless and irritating. I kind of lost interest in talking to him much after that - he shouldn’t have assumed I was like every other human he’s met really, but that’s his problem, not mine.

Well, painful truths can sometimes make some situations worse if you aren’t ready to handle them. In my case he pointed them out in a pretty bad moment which made the situation worse for me than it was without his input. And indeed he is helping me, mainly because i know and knew damn well i shouldn’t bother with such emotions anymore because they do interfere and affect my life now, which is a mistake. In return if i manage to get over the whole deal i can focus more on current and future relationships and i would stand to benefit much more if i would just get over it. This was my way of thinking even before i spoke to Azazel and i think it’s the reason we get along so well. I don’t know if his “see what you re doing for what it is” mentality applies to everyone, because i grew up with this upbringing so it seems natural for me, and even tough i still get bothered by this ex problem now, i was way worse a year ago. Passing time has it’s merit, but i’d be lying if I were to say that Azazel’s tacticts didn’t help me because indeed they did. At the end of the day, it’s me bitching about my ex and how i basically want to turn back time so i can make some changes, not her back because i know it wouldn’t be the same, nor want to get her back with magic. So it’s a problem without a real solution, therefore the best thing to do is to get over it, even though it may be hard it still has to be done one way or another and becoming insensible to the issue seems to be the right course of action and Azazel and I agree on this as well as the methods. They may not be pleasant , but on the long run it does get shit done and that’s what matters most. Boundaries have never been an issue with demons before, probably because i work with less than a handful and they just hang out around me all the time, we get to know each other. But as far as his methods of bringing me down so i can rebuild stronger go, i don’t mind them, to be honest i think it might be the only thing that works with me because i am a pretty difficult person. So we’re not in some kind of battered wife relationship, I do agree with his actions and methods, i just put that out there in case someone else might not, although millage may vary from person to person as to how he reacts. Regardless, @Mulberry if you want to keep addressing this topic PM me cus it’s slowly drifting away from the OP but i’d be glad to speak about it more with you if you want.

Boosting again, also wondering anyone has had the fixation or bond with him instantly?

I think he’s awesome. He’s not a jerk to me at all. He’s usually quite helpful if and when I need his guidance. He isn’t sexual towards me at all. He’s actually very respectful.


He came to me in a dream and basically said for me to save them I have to save myself, and I’ve slowly decided that I’m gonna work with him.

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