Azazels dreams

So I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. 8 months actually. However I find myself in need of someone who is good at translating dreams and other things. While I was in AIT I went out and got a tattoo of an inverted Instagram and after days of meditating on it I called forth azazel and imbued his power into it and I became a walking gateway. I now use it to contact him easily through invocation.
Lately I’ve asked him to teach me through dreams but I am absolutely terrible at anything dream related but I figured it would help eventually. One dream stuck to me the most. I saw a short demonic looking figure balancing 5 balls of fire. 3 directly in front of him in a triangles manner and 1 at each side of him. He spoke but his words were too distorted for me to understand. Could this mean anything or am I just making something from nothing? I’ve had other dreams I can’t figure out but that one stuck the most

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Try Lucid dreaming and calling him from within those dreams that are lucid.

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The triangle in front of Azazel reminds me of the triangle of art from the Goetia.
in fact, there is a Luciferian version of the triangle that has Azazel’s name written along the triangle rather than Michael’s name traditionally.

Maybe he wants you to evoke him?

The first thing that comes to my mind is The Magician card in the Thoth tarot deck. He is also refered to as The Juggler. He has all the tools he needs to preform magic and he is juggling them in the air around him.

I’m not sure what any of the rest means.

Does Azazel appear in a certain way to you? Or does he have any characteristics like his voice sounds a certain way, smells, images or repeating numbers when you think about him?

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