Azazel's Demons and Rituals (The Book of Azazel)

Hello guys,
I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on:

*Sacrifice (details below)
*Best kind of container/pot/etc to place the burning coals into?
*Best way to light the coals?

I’ve been feeling very drawn to working with Azazel’s demons!

So, regarding the sacrifice:
I’d like to start working with Suhn’tal’ock kinda the JS way, 'cause I really need big changes (just like he has mentioned that he needed).
I was thinking if the blood of the fresh killed animal is the most important of all, or the act of butchering an animal yourself, because, while I cannot butcher myself, I could find a local butcher and ask for a fresh killed chicken, with its blood in a separate bag.
I still cannot do the circle his way (burning wood in the triangle and so on) for living in an apartment. I could try to get a wicca pot for the fire, and try to call him on my balcony, since it was said that this entity prefers to be called in the open (outdoors).
Not sure if it would work though. It could call a lot of the neighbors attention, as it’s an open balcony where people from everywhere could see it happening (even if I started at 2am).


You do not need to do animal sacrifice to work with Sun’ta’lock. It is completely unnecessary and is only JS Garrett’s personal way of doing it. Make the ritual your own.


Hi @DarkestKnight, I know that there are people that are only offering their own blood. But for larger scale results, the sacrifice is necessary, according to the spirit.

So I was wondering if I could offer the blood of the sacrifice only and get larger results too (without butchering the animal myself).

And probably without a fire!

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@Maulbeere didn’t you say that you used animal blood for Azazel and he didn’t like it?

Anyway, I suppose you could offer animal blood without killing the animal. But like @DarkestKnight said, animal sacrifice is unnecessary. Think of the ritual as more of a template and just add in what is and isn’t doable.

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I messed up - I was supposed to be fasting. Azazel was three-days worth of invoked, with the idea that every day I fasted would keep the energies super clear to continue and deepen that. I’d made a nice steak for my kid for lunch, and clearing the plate away, there was bloody gravy left, and I was gross and sipped it up, (I know, I have no class :slight_smile: ).
With that, he roared at me “Did that cow sacrifice itself for YOU!?” and left.

Lessons learned:

  1. There’s a lot of energy in blood that strongly affects your system in blood.
  2. Spiritual fasting isn’t about calories, it’s about controlling your energy.
  3. The sacrifice must be voluntary and specific to the entities involved, including the human, or the energy doesn’t work and instead is disruptive.

So my feeling is, based on this and how using my own blood feels, is Garrett doesn’t understand what a sacrifice actually is at it’s heart. So he is using two things: the energy of the fear/pain/drama and his emotions, and the energy of the blood itself, and has figured out how to harness that chaotic wave and ride it.

He’s not getting a voluntary sacrifice from the animal and thus, it’s not a blood “sacrifice” at all, the way I understand what a sacrifice is, and how entity sovereignty works. Even if you see animals as mere property, resources to be used, as all good psychopaths do, then he is making a blood offering plus sacrificing his property, It is missing the major point of what sacrifice is about, which is that the spirit sacrificed believes in the work, enough to give it’s life, and co-creates the manifestation with you.

You can sacrifice of someone else, if you get then to offer themselves, but how many humans know how to even talk to animals let alone get that gift from them today? - that leaves only the practitioner and his possessions as a viable sacrifice.

I could find a local butcher and ask for a fresh killed chicken, with its blood in a separate bag.

So this is fine, since you’re not likely to get a voluntary gift from the animal anyway, the only thing you lose out on here (or gain, depending on your point of view) is the energy of the animal’s pain and fear from it dying in your temple, and the energy of your feelings about that.

I don’t know. EA likes him and that’s the only reason I haven’t dismissed him out of hand yet. But as a qigong practitioner, I know several other sources to get better and more energy from, I think using fear and pain is cheap and lazy at best, and limiting at worst - draw energy from the cosmos as you can pull as much as your system can handle, and doing it builds you to handle more… how many chickens can you realistically torture to death in one ritual? It’s like the difference between living as a bandit and learning to hunt and harvest for yourself - you’d better hope the supply of victims never runs out. It’s just fucking dumb.

I still cannot do the circle his way (burning wood in the triangle and so on) for living in an apartment. I could try to get a wicca pot for the fire, and try to call him on my balcony

You can just use a candle or few. Or try a BBQ as your fire vessel on the balcony, with mesquite wood chips and all and you’ll fly under the radar. Do the motions in your head and you’ll just look like you’re tending the BBQ.

The other thing you can do, is perform all this in the astral - sit in your circle indoors with some mood music, incense, candles, then journey in your head and create for yourself a temple in the astral and visualise yourself performing it there.